Fun Icebreakers: Break the Ice, Build Bonds

An icebreaker game is a particularly good way to start off a new team or team meeting. It's a simple way to break ice and get people talking. They can be structured around any topic, so it's a great way to introduce people to your company, your culture, or a product.

In a remote setting, however, icebreakers can be a very useful hack to get to know your team over time, even after you've grown accustomed to each other.

We have a couple icebreakers that can be perfect conversation starters with your team online.

Get started with this template

  1. How was your weekend? Is there anything fun you'd like to share? Jokes are accepted
  2. If you have a pet, can you please share a link to a photo for the team to see?
  3. We are trying to set up a company playlist, what are your personal recommendations?
  4. What's your main hobby or passion when you are not working?

Follow this best practice

Learn how to configure these conversation starters here:

Configuring your check-ins and follow-ups with our Templates