DailyBot for Nonprofits

The DailyBot for Nonprofits program offers discounted upgrades to help ease operational costs for nonprofits.

Eligible organizations can get features included in our Standard plan by taking advantage of a 50% discount, no matter their size.

Who qualifies

This program is designed for official nonprofit organizations and charities that are non-governmental, non-academic, non-commercial and non-political.

Proof of nonprofit status by your local government is required, in the US, it means a 501(c)(3).

DailyBot for Education
If you're an academic institution, please see
our offer for Education.

How to apply

Please sign up to DailyBot and setup your organization by using a Free account. Once the organization is registered, an Administrator can submit the application.

When you're ready, please send an email to support@dailybot.com and include this information:

Subject: DailyBot for nonprofit

  1. Send the email from the same email account you have registered as Administrator
  2. Include the name of your Organization in DailyBot
  3. Include the URL to your nonprofit's website
  4. Include the registered name of your nonprofit
  5. Attach a proof of nonprofit status
  6. Confirm that your organization is non-government, non-academic, non-commercial, and has no political affiliation

The process

Our team will review the application and respond to it as quickly as we can. If the application isn't accepted, we'll let you know the specific reason.

If the application is approved, we will provide you with a unique code you can use during checkout to get an ongoing discount of 50%.

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