Adding Team Values

Team values are attitudes and beliefs that your team holds as their guiding philosophy.

In DailyBot when giving Kudos to a teammate, you will be prompted to select a team value. These teams values can be fully customized, to create or edit a team value you must go to the web app, select the Kudos menu from the sidebar and click on the Team Values tab on the top right corner.

If it's your first time customizing team values it will look like this:

Otherwise this is how it will look like:

Here you can add a team value or edit an already existing one by hovering over them and clicking on the drop down list ( “…")After clicking on “Add a team value” you will see this screen.

Here you can name your team value, add a description to it and select an emoji that will be displayed alongside your team value. You can also click on "Skip, see recommendations” to add a team value from our template.After clicking continue your team value will be added and you can now give Kudos based on your new team value!