Intro to AI

DailyBot's AI technology improves your daily workflow by providing you with an AI-powered assistant and automated workflows that help you achieve more every day.

DailyBot's AI capabilities aim to make your work life easier by giving you an AI-powered assistant that answers your questions in chat instantly, as well as automated workflows that complete your tasks using AI-generated content as inputs/outputs. By using these features, you can work more efficiently and focus on what matters most, instead of getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

How to use DailyBot's AI

You can do so by mentioning DailyBot @DailyBot or by messaging DailyBot via DM and asking him a question.If AI is turned on, anything you ask DailyBot that isn't a check-in, form or command name he will understand as a question for the AI. To switch his AI context, or if the answer you're receiving isn't what you were looking for, include the 🔁 (Clockwise arrows) emoji before your question.

DailyBot can be the perfect AI assistant! And it can exist in the comfort of your chat's DMs, ready at all times! As a virtual assistant he can answer your questions in your chat with his natural language processing.

This new add-on includes:

  1. An improved AI-powered assistant that functions like your own in-chat search engine
  2. Enhanced workflows with AI actions for generative content creation + automation

With these functionalities DailyBot can perform as an ai assistant, and also fulfill different tasks using its generative ai, you can not only improve your task management and productivity with DailyBot as a digital assistant, but also improve your workflows with its robotic process automation.

Improved chat assistance. Powered by AI.

Think of this experience as DailyBot's newest super-identity. Once you enable AI in your (organization or personal) chat, DailyBot acts as your gifted teammate who's always available to help with questions and requests. Here's how you two can collaborate:

  • Ask DailyBot anything that's on your mind, and it will provide you with an answer in no time, though be aware that its responses may be limited in some cases. This option can be particularly helpful when you're stuck on a problem, don't know the answer to a question, or simply want someone to be there and support you on your next adventure:
  • When asking a question to DailyBot, it's always good to use proper grammar and punctuation. For instance, make sure to use a question mark at the end of your question for best results. This helps the artificial intelligence understand that you are asking a question and not making a statement.
  • Also, keep in mind that while DailyBot is equipped to understand natural language, its responses may still be limited at times. Try to ask clear and specific questions to get the most accurate answers.
  • And if you're not getting the information you need, don't hesitate to refine your question or provide more context. DailyBot is constantly learning and improving, so your feedback is always welcome.