Conditional Logic in Check-ins

Now it is possible to create a specific flow for your check-ins by adding conditional questions. Learn how to do so following these steps:

Go to Check-ins and click the blue button Create Check-in.

Select Customize questions.

Start creating your questions and select the question type (open ended, numeric, yes/no, multiple choice)

Click to the option Show logic, there you'll see a default behavior for all cases (Always). But you can modify it as you need with different types of conditions according to the question type:

- Is equal to

- Is not equal to

- Contains

- Not contains

- Begins with

- Not begins with

- Ends with

- Not ends with

Click the Add rule option to start customizing the flow.

Then, add the expected behavior based on the response: move to the next questions or ending the check-in.

Note: You can only choose to redirect the check-in to future questions or finish the report, but it isn't possible to go back on previous questions.

You can also add rules to the logic causing that, if none of the values described in the conditions are met, there is another determined action to continue or end the report.

Once you've finished with the configuration, click the blue button Save and continue.