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Yearly (with discount)
$ 0.00 /mo*
per user
check_plan Unlimited users
check_plan Limited Stand-ups
check_plan 100 responses per month
check_plan Up to 7 days of history
check_plan Basic activity feed
check_plan Kudos with limits
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$ 2.50 /mo*
per user
check_plan Any amount of users
check_plan Unlimited Stand-ups
check_plan All history unlocked
check_plan Full search
check_plan Vacation Mode
check_plan Data export
check_plan Email digests
check_plan Kudos + leaderboard
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$ 4.00 /mo*
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check_plan Basic Plan, Plus:
check_plan Customized questions
check_plan Privacy settings
check_plan Anonymous responses
check_plan Kudos Pro + leaderboard
check_plan API Hooks
check_plan Priority Support
check_plan Integrations
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For big teams per user
check_plan All Standard Plan, Plus:
check_plan Stricter Security
check_plan 12 Hours Support Priority
check_plan Two Factor Auth
check_plan Ad-hoc DPA signing
check_plan Advanced API
check_plan Custom billing
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All features

Any amount of users
Data export
PDF export
Email digests
Unlimited Stand-ups
Base question templates
Unlimited teams
Privacy settings
Customized questions
Anonymous responses
Kudos + leaderboard
API Hooks
All history unlocked
Full search
Vacation Mode
Includes new Premium Skills
Priority Support
Kudos Pro + leaderboard
Stricter Security
12 Hours Support Priority
Two Factor Auth
Ad-hoc DPA signing
Advanced API


DailyBot is your team assistant, an advanced platform and chatbot that integrates into communication channels like Slack, Hangouts and Microsoft Teams.

What’s DailyBot?

DailyBot helps you keep your team motivated and in sync regarding work, progress and key milestones. DailyBot is proven to impact your agile best practices and organization transparency.

What’s a Skill?

A Skill is like an add-on for DailyBot, each Skill solves an specific problem or automates a workflow.

Add Skills to DailyBot to make it more intelligent and useful. Let DailyBot organize and run daily stand-ups, follow-ups, motivation tracking and more.

The Free plan includes the Follow-ups skill with some limits, Startup and Business plans include more features for the Follow-ups Skill and will include more Skills that are coming soon.

How many users should I pay for?

You can manage active and inactive users in DailyBot. You will only pay for Active ones, here's an example: imagine your Organization has 1000 members in your chat platform (Slack, Hangouts or MS Teams) and 50 of those are registered in DailyBot. Out of the 50 DailyBot users, you can mark just 30 as Active. You pay only for those 30 who are active.

Additionally, you can allow users from your organization to register in DailyBot (by themselves) and be added automatically to your paid plan, or you can moderate it so that an administrator is required to approve new users.

Can I cancel my plan at anytime?

Yes, you can always manage and control your plan. If you want to cancel your plan you can do it with one click from the admin panel, your plan will be still valid for the period you already paid for.

About Integrations
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About Integrations
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