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Perfect for small teams and startups looking to try out DailyBot's core features. Limited to 10 users.

Get basic building blocks to check-in on your team, give them kudos, send in-chat forms, and automate basic actions.
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Per user | Billed annually
$3 billed monthly
Ideal for organizations seeking a simple, efficient solution for standups, kudos, and team building.

Get advanced check-in reporting and unlimited daily stand-ups, forms with approval flows, and a limited trial of AI for generative content automation.
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Per user | Billed annually
$6 billed monthly
For organizations serious about leveraging AI and automation to streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Get full AI capabilities for content generation and automation, with a no-code automation builder, integrations and API access, advanced reporting frequencies, and other features.
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The Enterprise plan

Tailored for large corporations with specific security and support requirements.

The Enterprise plan offers all features with enterprise security, SLA agreements, Priority Support, DPA, SOC2 Type II report under NDA, custom onboarding and API integration support, and ad-hoc plans and billing.
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Teams in all industries benefit from DailyBot

Good collaboration is agnostic to industries or goals. DailyBot provides a dedicated channel for your team to communicate about the issues that matter most.

We have top software engineers, marketers, psychologists, and game designers taking advantage of automation to get fewer emails, fewer calls, and more focus — without ever leaving their chat.
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We invest in security and data privacy like no other competing product. DailyBot is SOC2 Type II, and we follow best security practices to protect your data.
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Score based on 22 reviews

Crystal P.

Great tool for any business, especially those with remote staff. Easy integration and easy to use.

It was easy to set up and it's easy to use. It's a great way to "huddle" with my team every day and see where we are at with projects and daily tasks. I love the templates (+)

Agency in Marketing and Advertising

Awesome. When we start to used the app we improve our times and organization

We start to work with DailyBot a few months ago. We wanted to improve our business organization and we got it successfully.

User in Computer Software

Easy to work with and better than email.

I like having the searchable history of conversations.

Crystal P.

Great tool for any business, especially those with remote staff. Easy integration and easy to use.

It was easy to set up and it's easy to use. It's a great way to "huddle" with my team every day and see where we are at with projects and daily tasks. I love the templates (+)

Trusted by leading companies and backed by Y Combinator

DailyBot is a YC S21 company • Read our story


Learn more about DailyBot, your secure, competent team assistant that integrates into your communication channels like Slack, Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, and Discord to centralize your team insights.

What’s DailyBot?

DailyBot is an AI-powered, SOC-2 compliant chat assistant created to facilitate asynchronous collaboration among teams.

It assists in keeping your team motivated and synchronized by providing updates on work progress and important milestones. With its intelligent automation capabilities, DailyBot improves your agile best practices and promotes transparency within your organization.

How does DailyBot utilize AI?

DailyBot leverages a modern AI stack to automate repetitive tasks and provide intelligent assistance across sub-products. Through natural language processing, it understands user inputs and can respond with relevant information or perform automated actions triggered by company events.

This AI-driven approach allows DailyBot to adapt to your team's needs and provide personalized support across your organization.

Learn more about DailyBot + AI here.

How does DailyBot's pricing work?

DailyBot offers flexible pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of different teams and organizations. You can manage active and inactive users in DailyBot, ensuring that you only pay for active users. Here's an example to illustrate this concept: Let's say your organization has a total of 1,000 members in your chat platform (say Microsoft Teams). Out of these 1,000 members, 50 have registered in DailyBot. However, you have the flexibility to mark only 30 of them as active users.

With DailyBot's pricing model, you will be charged only for those 30 active users. This means you have control over your costs by paying only for the users who actively engage with DailyBot's features and benefits. This approach allows you to scale your usage according to your organization's needs and optimize your investment in DailyBot.

Learn more about our pricing & plans here. If you're looking for information on our AI-only plan offering, check here instead.

Do you offer a free trial — and what can I expect?

Yes, DailyBot offers a 14-day free trial in our Standard plan for users to explore its features and evaluate its suitability for their team. The trial period allows you to test our core functionality and experience the benefits of DailyBot firsthand before making a purchasing decision. During the trial, you can assess how DailyBot improves collaboration and determine if it aligns with your team's needs.

After the trial expires, the organization is automatically moved to the Free plan, where users can continue testing the product with up to 10 active users.

What features are included?

All DailyBot's plans equip you with the essential upgrades for team collaboration in your work chat:

📝 Check-ins for async daily stand-ups, retrospectives, and other reports
👏 Kudos for instant peer recognition and appreciation
📋 Forms for real-time surveys and in-chat data collection
🤿 Add-ons for water cooler convos, random coffees, birthday reminders and more!

For the play-by-play of each plan, explore more here.

Can DailyBot integrate with other tools?

Yes, DailyBot offers integrations with various modern tools such as ClickUp, Github, Shortcut, Linear, among others. This allows you to consolidate information and updates from different sources, providing a unified view of your team's work. By connecting with your existing tools, DailyBot seamlessly fits into your workflow, enhancing collaboration across the board.

What are DailyBot's add-ons?

Add-ons make DailyBot more powerful: each one is a command you can trigger via chat that solves a problem or automates a workflow.

Add-ons make DailyBot more intelligent and useful. On top of all the main features, DailyBot offers add-ons like: pomodoro to help your team run focused work sessions, watercooler to create daily or weekly conversations in your random channels, countdown to run in-channel daily countdowns to target deadlines, virtual commute to help you disconnect from work at the end of the day.

Do you follow security best practices?

DailyBot is SOC 2 Type II Compliant, protecting your data and your security is our top priority and this sets DailyBot apart from other competitors and chat tools.

We have carefully selected cloud providers and vendors that are SOC2 Type I, Type II, ISO27001 and PCI-DSS compliant. We encrypt data in transit and at rest and we operate an information security and risk management program.

Read our Security Page for more information.

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