Intro to AI Workflows

You can also include AI in your DailyBot workflows, this has a variety of uses, from summarizing a check-in or form response, to writing emails or posting AI generated content on a schedule in your chat.

Keep in mind, that if you want to post the content you generate on this workflow step as a message from DailyBot you will need to create a "Send a chat message” step on your workflow with the variable {{prev_step.ai_response}} like this:

Here are the type of actions you can select for your AI Workflows.

Free prompt

You can type in any prompt you want to and combine it with variables from previous steps to customize your response. Free prompt is completely up to you, don't hold back!


Summarize is usually used alongside “User completes a check-in” or "Form response received” this action summarizes a response or text into a more digestible format, you can select the tone of voice, and alongside the text you want to summarize you can add additional context or a certain specific length.

Write an email message

You can use this action to automate redaction of an email, you can do so from a form response for example, if you have a very recurring email that you have to redact every time you can just use DailyBot and make it more automatic. You can also use this with the "Send and email message” step to even further automatize your work!

Brainstorm an alternative idea

This action will automatically explore alternatives to an idea for expontaneous brainstorming. Use this to take your ideas to the next step!

Write a text for a social network post

With this action you can create a social network post using AI quickly, make sure to add extra context and specifics to generate extra engagement on those posts!

Write a copy for an ad campaign

Get DailyBot to write your ad campaign for you, handy prompt to get some more ideas for your ad campaign.

Give me a motivational quote

DailyBot will generate a motivational quote for you 🌊🍃. You could set up a schedule and post a motivational quote for your team in a public channel to create team engagement and never lose that motivation and drive.

Write a funny joke

Couldn't get funnier jokes anywhere. You could automate this so that DailyBot generates a funny joke on schedule, or even after completing a check-in. Tip: Use the Funny tone of voice for extra funny.

Compose an instant message for the chat

You can let DailyBot create a chat message for those times you're unsure just what to say or how to phrase that one specific message. Let AI masterfully compose it for you.

Write an SEO optimized sentence or content

SEO can often be a headache, you can use AI to optimize your content for SEO so that you can get noticed out there!