Intro to Check-ins

What are Check-ins?

Check-ins are periodical events where we can ask our team for small updates or questions. The most well known check-ins are the daily stand-up meeting, sprint planning, daily check-in and sprint review or sprint retrospective, very popular in frameworks like Agile and Scrum.

Why are they useful?

Teams are constantly communicating and collaborating. With team check-ins, you can track and share progress, keep everyone accountable for their work with a team update, and share and collaborate on tasks asynchronously.

They are strong team alignment tools that improve team alignment, problem-solving and team communication.

Check-ins automatically handles daily reports and reminders for you, so you can be sure that no important progress slips through the cracks.

Over the years, we all have attended many meetings where a topic was brought up, discussed, and then sent to be handled later. The problem is, that later never comes, because no one ever remembered to deal with it.

After a while, we end up discussing the same topic again, which results in wasted time and energy.

Using check-ins solves this problem: When your team needs to sync, you simply configure a new check-in that will automatically get the updates of everyone at a predefined hour.

Check-ins in DailyBot

With DailyBot, you can run anything (e.g. meetings, events, projects) through simple chat messages, and it will generate a report that everyone can read to stay in sync. Your team can then focus on what matters instead of worrying about more meetings.

How to create a Check-in using DailyBot

Check-ins are the main feature on DailyBot, and without further ado let's create our first check-in! All it takes is just a couple of steps.

Select a template or create your own by clicking "Customize questions" and click on continue.

Give your check-in a name and select participants. You can add entire teams or individuals (or a combination of both) to the check-in and they will be notified to complete it.

Then select the frequency in which the Check-in will be completed. You can select from a variety of frequencies. Team members will be notified according to their own timezone.

Finally select the sharing options, if you want to share your check-in in a certain channel be it private or public, DailyBot will post all responses to that channel if you were to select one. Finally, select who in your organization will be able to see the responses to your check-in.