Intro to Workflows

Make your chat the command center for automating all sorts of processes at work.

Welcome to the world of no-code, in-chat workflows! In-chat workflows are a way to automate certain tasks or processes within an organization chat without the need for complex coding or programming. They typically involve setting up a series of simple triggers and actions that are executed automatically based on specific conditions.

How to create a Workflow

Creating a workflow is quite simple, start from the web app and select Automations & Add-ons from the sidebar, there you can click on the "Create Workflow” button at the top right corner.

Workflows like commands, forms and check-ins require a name and a description.

Workflows will activate when a certain condition or event happens. Here's a list of the events that you can select to start a workflow:

- User runs a shortcut/command

- On a schedule

- User completes a check-in

- User reports a blocker in a check-in

- Form received new response/record

- Form record is updated

- Form record is approved

- Form record is denied

- Another Workflow has finished

- Activity logged in DailyBot

- Event sent to Workflow Trigger API

- Kudos given by any person

- User is added to this organization

- User is added to a team

- User is removed from a team

Once you select a “When” action that will trigger a check-in you can select one or various "Then” actions that will happen directly after when "When” condition is met.

Here's a list of the events you can perform:

- Generate content with AI

- Send a chat message

- Send an email message

- Run a command

- Select random Form record

- Insert Form record

- Send a Check-in reminder

- Post a consolidated report

- Send a form reminder