Intro to Kudos

Positive feedback and recognition are the fuel that motivate employees. It's essential for them to feel that they're adding value to the success of the team, and that their work is being noticed. But this feedback and recognition must be meaningful.

Kudos are a powerful way to encourage your team to stay motivated and drive employee engagement in your workplace. They are great for recognizing team members for a job well done, and motivating them to be even better.

It's not uncommon for team leaders to struggle to motivate and get engagement from their teams. But it's often harder for team members to understand what their manager's expectations are and whether they can actually meet those expectations.

By breaking down the barriers and creating a more transparent culture, managers are more open to hearing what their team thinks and for team members to feel comfortable giving feedback about their work.

Sometimes, managers forget to praise their employees for accomplishments, other times, the team itself won't know how to give feedback. But positive acknowledgement doesn't have to take a lot of time. The key is to create a culture that emphasizes recognizing the accomplishments of your people, big and small, where every team member can feel comfortable discussing those accomplishments.

Using DailyBot you can customize the way your team interacts with Kudos, you can set up team values, customize messages, and even keep track of your team's leaderboard!