Intro to Forms

Conveniently retrieve, store, and access the right information from the chat.

Whether you’re collecting leads, requests, customer feedback or scheduling events, DailyBot makes it super easy to collect the information you need, without interrupting the workflow of your team.

Forms are a very convenient tool for your team, they are available via chat any time you want to and you can ask pretty much anything you want to! You can build useful forms like code release forms, time out requests forms, access forms, etc. That can help speed up and automate the processes within your company.

How to create a Form

To create a form you must do it from the web app. Click on the forms section on the sidebar and then click on "Create form”

Next, you will be prompted to name your form and type down your questions.You can also add an optional intro message and outro message.

Click Continue and you will enter the setup.

Here you can type the chat shortcut or command that will be used to trigger the form in chat. You can also set up a channel to share responses if you want, and you can configure the privacy of the form responses.

Click Continue and the form should be all done!