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Help us shape the future of flexible work

  • Coaching on best practices for modern work and other content, including hands-on training for managers and teams
  • Integrations with apps that provide direct value to modern workers, either because they streamline workflows or amplify people's capabilities
  • Configuration of DailyBot Workflows by industry experts that want to get their unique knowledge on best practices to the hands of the workers
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I want to build on top of DailyBot

* I want to develop custom integrations with other software or platforms to enhance DailyBot's capabilities
* I want to create specialized plugins or extensions for DailyBot to cater to specific industries or use cases

I want to offer a service to companies

* I’m a merchant looking to sell in chat
* I want to provide customized bot development
and implementation for businesses
* I want to offer DailyBot training and support services to companies

I want to be a DailyBot reseller

* I want to resell DailyBot licenses to other businesses
* I want to offer DailyBot as part of my product/service bundle

I want to run a co-branded campaign

* I’m a media or marketing agency
* I’m part of a company with similar values

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