Online Onboarding Made Easy: Welcome Newcomers Seamlessly

The importance of an onboarding program

Using an onboarding process that fosters positive working relationships will help new employees build confidence and become productive quickly. As a result, engagement, performance, and retention improve because employees will feel connected to the team, the company, and the job.

During onboarding, you have the opportunity to set expectations for your new employees and introduce them to the people (and resources) that will help them do their jobs effectively and advance their careers. 1:1 introductions, for that reason, play a significant role in the kind of impression you want to instill in newcomers: this is a great way to set the tone for onboarding by providing them with guidance from subject matter experts in a welcoming environment.

Building effective onboarding online

The online onboarding process doesn't have to be hard! Virtual onboarding can be automated and made easy. A new employee doesn't have to sit around waiting when everything in your virtual onboarding process can be automated! All an HR manager has to do is create an onboarding checklist for new hires that can be reutilized, make it a consistent experience that each and every new hire can go through, remember to highlight company culture and best practices, and don't leave out any important information about your company.

Match your new employees with subject matter experts

Using DailyBot you can match every new employee with everyone else on the team so that they can get to know each other, it's very simple! Every time a new team member joins your chat platform they can be automatically matched with every other of your remote employees so that they can get to build some trust with their new teammates and know a little bit more about them.

Automate 1:1 intros between the team and new collaborators using match.

Type @DailyBot match @Noah with @Emma @Liam @Sarah over the next 7 days
  1. You can match newcomers with one or more people over the next X days or even schedule the intros after a specific date (e.g. after their start date).
  2. As a matchmaker, you can get reports to see all the intros you've prepared for the new employees or collaborators.
  3. As a person that was set up for intros, you'll get alerts via chat (or e-mail) inviting you to schedule something with your match.
  4. DailyBot will confirm after some time if everyone introduced themselves and will report this information back to the matchmakers for their own use.

match help

match report: to list all the matches you've made and their status.
match report @user: to list the matches you've made for specific users.
match @newUser with @member1 @m2 ... over next # days: create automated intros over the next several days.
match @newUser with @member1 @m2 ... after MM-DD: create automated intros after any date you choose.


  • In "match report" you can see pending matches, as well as the ones that already passed. You have the option of canceling pending matches for any specific user.
  • Users on Slack are introduced through a group chat directly in chat. However, users from Google Chat or Microsoft Teams get their introductions via e-mail, due to limitations with the chat platforms.