Intro to Commands

Using DailyBot you can create your very own commands or shortcuts, you can create text commands that save textual information (like links, rules or documentation) that you can easily bring up whenever you want to.

You can also create API requests and run your own custom code to create your own chatbot within DailyBot if you so desire.

How to create a Command

Creating a command using DailyBot is very easy, click on “Automation & Add-ons” from the sidebar, then go to the top right corner and click on “Custom Commands” and then on the “Create command” button.

Then we will be at the Command creation screen.

The "Command” box is the name we will use to trigger our command, so that every time we type it on DailyBot's DMs or @DailyBot alongside it we execute the command.

These are the types of commands you can run on DailyBot:

-Respond with predefined text

-Make a request to an API

-Trigger a Form

-Run Custom Code

Depending on which type of command you select there will be different parameters to customize your command.You can also customize the permissions of who can use your command, you can select teams or leave it public for everyone.

Lastly, you can choose to make your command only usable via direct messages with DailyBot, so that nobody can use it in your chat channels.

Click on these links if you want to learn more about Custom Commands and Serverless Code Commands