6 Questions to Boost Employee Growth & Development

The Importance of Employee Growth

Few things increase job satisfaction and reduces employee turnover more than an employee growth plan.

Employee development programs are one of the most motivating things in a job, to feel as an employee like you're achieving professional and personal growth.

The first part of career development is ensuring employees are satisfied with the career development provided at your company. Your employees need to know what career development opportunities exist so that they can identify what skills they need to develop to advance their careers. They need to be provided mentoring, coaching and learning opportunities to acquire new skills and advance their career paths.

What is an Employee Development Survey?

A career development survey is designed to help you understand how employees feel about the career growth opportunities at your company (or organization). Use it to understand where your company is in relation to career development, and to identify areas where your company can improve, specifically:

  • How satisfied employees are with the opportunities at your company.
  • If employees think your company adequately develops their skills.
  • If employees feel your company has adequate resources to develop employees.
  • If employees feel like they are able to use said opportunities at your company.

Get started with this Employee Development Survey template

Here's 6 questions you can use in your Employee Development Survey to monitor employee engagement and areas where you can improve training and development.

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  1. Do you see yourself working here in a year?
  2. Does your work challenge you and aid your development?
  3. Do you see a path for career advancement at the organization?
  4. Do you have the tools needed to maximize your potential here?
  5. Have you recently thought about leaving the organization?
  6. Has anyone at the company asked about and expressed support for your career goals?

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