Week planning

Many teams use a weekly report to discuss and sync up all their activities on a regular basis.

Weekly planning is one of those things that seems to make a lot of difference, but is actually easy to ignore. For example, we know we should plan our meals for the week. But, what’s stopping us from grabbing something quick from the fridge? Our work schedule is already full, so what’s the point of putting in time to plan?

On the other hand, there are plenty of examples of people who plan their weeks and accomplish a lot more than those who only wing it.

Weekly planning is a great way to get your work organized, and it can help you be more productive. Plus:

Planning your week will make you a more productive and effective person. If you want to live a high-performing working life, you have to be able to recognize your priorities and do everything that needs to be done – on time.

Weekly planning is simply organizing events in your calendar (or else) ahead of time. It gives you an overview of the tasks at hand and provides you with control over it — and if your entire team is on board, visibility over everyone else's plans and expectations.

It lets you know your priorities and keeps you on track, so in a way, it’s the art of dividing your time wisely so you would be able to do everything you need to do.

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  1. What are the top goals we have to achieve this week?
  2. Which ones are you leading?
  3. Are you blocked or need any team discussion?

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Many teams use a weekly report to discuss and sync up all their activities on a regular basis.
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