Team satisfaction

Happy employees offer a high level of productivity.

Employee satisfaction surveys are the best way to understand how people feel regarding their working conditions, benefits, perks, salary and job responsibilities.

Why employee satisfaction surveys are important

Employee satisfaction surveys are a key tool when it comes to understanding who your employees really are and what they like and dislike about their job. It takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation and gives you concrete data you can use to improve the workplace.

How to read the survey

Employee satisfaction surveys give you a lot of data you can use to make progressive changes at work:

  • They can help you see how employees feel about the work they do. You can find out how satisfied employees are with their jobs, how much they trust their employers and how they feel about their coworkers.
  • They can pinpoint specific areas where employees feel unhappy. Employees who feel that their management is unresponsive or that they lack recognition may be able to point to specific problems using the survey.
  • They can help you create a better benefits package. Companies can get specific feedback from employees about health benefits, retirement planning and other benefits. This can lead you to create better benefits packages, raise salaries or offer better perks.

Get started with this template

  1. How do you feel about work today?
  2. Would you recommend us to your friends as an employer?
  3. Do you feel excited about coming to work?
  4. Are you proud of working for the organization?
  5. Are you satisfied with your current compensation and benefits?
  6. Do you enjoy working with your team?

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 Happy employees offer a high level of productivity.
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