Commute Less, Connect More: Guide to DailyBot's Virtual Commuting

What is Virtual Commuting?

“Virtual Commuting” is a phrase that first appeared a few years ago, but it’s become a staple of the digital office. As an alternative to the traditional commute, it's one way of defining the line between work and home.

The virtual commute can take many forms, but its practice can be simple: “In the workplace, we all accept that there is a line between work and non-work time. We protect it, we mark it, we name it, we dress for it, we organize things around it, and we even find ways to mark it visually in our office or work space.”

Why is Virtual Commuting important?

Remote work is great! Being able to work from home and have your own home office and flexible work schedule is great, but often it's easy to fall into a trap that many remote workers fall into which is overworking and losing a healthy work life balance.

Virtual commutes let you disconnect from your work day, you can respect your own work hours and improve your work life balance, once your work time is up you can do your daily commute and "disconnect" from work.

As a manager, virtual commuting can be nice to add into your team, employee wellness is incredibly important, and when employees are rested and have a great home life they will be more productive at their virtual work!

Draw stronger boundaries for work and life. In chat.

Use virtual commute to get reminders about disconnecting from work every day.
  1. Anyone can set up a "virtual commute" route by running @DailyBot virtual commute in a private message with DailyBot.
  2. DailyBot will send you alerts at the end of your shift reminding you to disconnect from work.

virtual commute help

virtual commute: Turn on this feature for daily reminders.
virtual commute off
: Turn off the feature altogether.