Celebrate Your Team: Birthday Shoutouts with DailyBot

One doesn't need many reasons to celebrate life in all its splendor. One-on-one recognition can go a long way, from boosting employee engagement, to increasing happiness and productivity. But if you're looking for one, you'd be surprised to know that employees are also more likely to quit their jobs on their birthdays than usual. Something about re-examining their life choices on their special day makes them extra perceptive of the steps that have led them up to that point in time.

Recognizing people on their birthdays, then, is another tool in your disposal to create spaces for honest conversation and thoughtful acknowledgement. Take this moment as an opportunity to keep everyone's experience personal, and to let them know that you're in this together.

🎉 Celebrate employee birthdays in the workplace

Make sure everyone is recognized with a virtual celebration! It feels good to be recognized on your birthday, a small congratulations and a happy birthday message will make anyone feel better immediately!

Use birthday poppers as a starting point for more personal recognition and to show people that you care.

Type birthday to automate birthday reminders and notifications in the workplace.

  1. Anyone can set up their dates by running @DailyBot birthday in a private message with DailyBot.
  2. Once you've activated the command, every time you use birthday you'll get a button asking you to configure some reminders (so the reminders are mutual!)
  3. The command will congratulate you on your birthday at 8AM.
  4. Additionally, users are notified at 9AM about your birthday.

🎁 birthday help

Try these commands in your chat to see everything you can do with birthday.

birthday for me is MM-DD: to set your birthday
birthday activate: to turn on birthday reminders
birthday deactivate: to turn off birthday reminders
birthday status: to see important information about the birthday command
birthday list: to see a short list of your team birthdays
birthday private: to stop sending reminders about your birthday to other team members
birthday notice: so your teammates will be notified about your birthday
birthday help: to check the command details again


  • You can configure how many days in advance you want to receive reminders about the upcoming birthdays from the team. For instance, considering you set this 7 days in advance, if someone's turning the year on January 17th, you're informed on January 10th that they're having their birthday in 7 days.
  • If you do not have any previous reminders configured, on the birthday you'll be informed who's turning the year.
  • You can always set your settings private so that others are not notified of your birthday, or turn off the command completely so that you do not receive reminders either.