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May 17, 2024

Previously on DailyBot:

  • Image Upload is here! ️🖼️
    You can now upload images directly from the chatbot and web app, adding a whole new level of detail and engagement to your check-ins. Learn how →
  • Check-ins that pop up! 💥
    Fill out reports using a popup window instead of texting the bot. You can turn this option on with the new "popup on" command.
  • Workflow Enhancements 💪
    • New Workflow Action: Fetch Responses – Leverage the "Fetch Responses" action to incorporate past check-in responses into your workflows.
    • See it All, Again! – Easily reference past responses within reports with a single click on "See Previous Response" in the web app.
  • Gmail Integration for Guest Users! 💌
    DailyBot now embraces guest users with Gmail accounts, you know what that means? You don’t need to use emails with custom domains to collaborate with teams inside DailyBot. Neat, huh?
  • New Model support 🤖
    With the newest addition of Claude 3 to DailyBot, you can take control and select the ideal language model for your workflows, choosing between GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and now Claude 3.
  • See Check-in Automations
    You can now visualize the automations associated with specific check-ins from the Reports view.
  • Granular Blocker Support for Check-ins 🧑‍💻
    You have always been able to mark specific questions as blockers in your Check-in reports, but now you can go even further. You can now mark specific responses as blockers! (only works with multiple choice questions for now!)

Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming your way!

February 20, 2024

Previously on DailyBot:

  • Big Kudos Improvement! 👏
    DailyBot now has the capability to recognize any user mentioned in natural language when giving kudos. Celebrate your teammates more effortlessly moving forward. Try it out via chat!
  • Faster User Invites 💌
    Inviting users to DailyBot is now more intuitive than ever! With our latest update, you can invite new users during common workflows such as check-in creation/editing and when creating teams.
  • Best for last: Embedding images to Reports 📸
    Big news! We're very happy to announce that native support for attaching images to Check-ins is finally here! 🎉 This update will enrich your DailyBot reports by allowing for more vibrant and engaging content sharing day after day. Support is available in the web app at the moment. Stay tuned for more updates on this front — soon!

For all the details, visit our official release for the day →

February 2, 2024 🌟

Previously on DailyBot:

  • User Insights Are Here! 🚀
    We've taken a leap forward with the debut of User Insights! Transform DailyBot into your ally by simplifying your team analysis workflows. Navigate to the Web App, select the Check-in of your choice, click on any user avatar, and voilà - insightful reports at your fingertips. See on the web →
  • Celebrate Milestones with the Anniversary Feature 🎉
    By popular demand, we're happy to say that we now support anniversary dates for DailyBot users! Seamlessly integrate these special dates with DailyBot Workflows to create memorable and engaging experiences within your organization. Find it as “Joined” in your team members’ profiles. See on the web →
  • New Workflow Actions for Special Dates 🥳
    Yes, you heard right! Given the new support of anniversary dates, we thought it was the right time to add new actions to help you celebrate Birthdays & Anniversaries your own way. Find them in the usual Workflows creation flow. See on the web →
  • Bulk Edit Member Info Made Simple ✨
    Updating team information like work start times, birthdays, work anniversaries, and more has never been easier. Check our guide to bulk editing and keep your team's details up-to-date with ease. Learn more →
  • Have you met DailyBot for Enterprises? 🌐
    Simplify your operations with multiple, independent DailyBot instances, enjoy priority support, access to our SOC2 report on demand, and more. Discover the full suite of benefits designed for enterprises like yours. Learn about DailyBot for Enterprises →
  • Discover Everything DailyBot Has to Offer 🕵️‍♂️
    Still curious about all the ways DailyBot can supercharge your team's productivity and engagement? Take a closer look at our new Product Demo page and see DailyBot in action! Check our Demo →

For a deeper dive into each update, check out the more detailed blog post →

January 3, 2024 🎊

Hey you! It’s been a while. Happy new year! 😄 It’s great to be back with more great updates to share with you. Check out the latest and greatest here (but first — if you haven’t — see how we did last year.)

  1. 2024 challenge: Start this new year with a daily reflection/challenge. Simply type “year challenge" in DM with DailyBot to kickstart your year with positivity and self-reflection. More info available here →
  2. Full user activity in report threads: Now, when your check-in is configured to send the user report as they are completed, you will see the full user activity from their tools in the same thread. Dive into detailed insights and stay on top of everything in one place.
  3. Customize your product experience & level access for your team: Take control! Now, you can personalize your DailyBot experience by turning on/off features individually and customizing the product access for users with the role 'member'. Find out more here →
  4. Define multiple variations to your questions: We're thrilled to introduce a new feature that allows you to add diverse text question variations to your check-ins. Enjoy greater interactivity and a dynamic user experience as each day brings a fresh perspective to your questions.
  5. New look and feel on login/register flows: DailyBot will now remember which platform you usually log in with, making your login/register experience even more seamless and personalized.
  6. Create reminders using natural language expression: DailyBot now has a built-in task reminders feature, bringing in-chat smart reminders for chat platforms that don’t have this support. Never miss a beat with DailyBot!
  7. Ask for a summary report from someone on your team to DailyBot in the chat: Simply ask DailyBot for a quick report, and it will compile the report based on async stand-ups information, team check-ins, and activity automatically tracked by DailyBot, such as JIRA updates, Trello, Clickup, and GitHub.

Exciting, right? Dive into these updates and more for an even better DailyBot experience! 🚀

December 4, 2023

✨ Special announcement! ✨ We thought it would be fun if you could curate a playlist depending on your daily standups or goals for the day.

So we built an AI vibe maker called #GoodWorkVibes ₊˚ʚ ᗢ₊˚✧ ゚. 🎸.

And it's officially out today! Find the tool at: 🎶

November 23, 2023

Hello, everyone! We're thrilled to announce the latest set of improvements to our platform. Here's what's new:

  1. Enhanced report threads: Send completed reports directly to a dedicated thread. Enjoy improved insights in report summaries and real-time updates for all threads with late responses and edits.
  2. Embrace the dark: Switch to Dark Mode for a sleek look in the Web app. Go to Settings and turn Dark Mode ON.
  3. AI-powered ‘Help’ widget: Our “Help” widget —linked to the Help Center— is now equipped with AI to answer all your product-related queries.
  4. Simplifying time off: Easily set organization-wide days off via Web app > Organization > Add time off. Personalize your schedule under 'Web App > My user profile > Add time off' or message DailyBot with "set time off YYYY-MM-DD to YYYY-MM-DD".
  5. Better email digests: Our email digests now include comprehensive responses from all team members, offering a full overview daily and weekly.
  6. New ‘Activity Log Trend’ metric: Monitor integration activity over time with this new metric in the Activity Log.
  7. Forms just got better: Enjoy an improved "send notification" feature for form responses, visible status updates for forms with approval flow, and enhanced search functionality for form responses using multiple keywords.
  8. Handy Slack shortcuts: Access features like check-ins, dashboards, AI, kudos, and help easily with new shortcuts like /dailybot-checkin, /dailybot-dashboard, /dailybot-ai, /dailybot-kudos, and /dailybot-help.
  9. On-demand Check-ins (+ quick testing option): Test or run check-ins whenever needed, with just a few steps.
  10. Clone your Check-ins & Forms: Duplicate existing check-ins and forms easily to save time.
  11. Natural language improvements: We rolled out a first batch of improvements in how the chatbot handles natural language.
  12. Refined editing toolbar: The editing toolbar in check-in responses (in-app) now appears only when text is selected, offering a smoother experience.
  13. New Whitepaper: Yep, we wrote a new paper focused on reducing meetings, packed with actionable insights. And more to come!

Explore these updates and more in our more detailed blog post. 🚀

September 5, 2023

Hi, folks! We're back with a new wave of improvements, check them out:

  1. Better blockers visualization: Dive deep into real-time blockers data. Whether it's understanding patterns over time or honing in on specific team member reports, we've got you covered.
  2. Multiple emails? No sweat: Sync your 3rd-party integrations effortlessly by adding a secondary email to your DailyBot account.
  3. Kudos export with an extra punch: Now you can easily see which teams are linked to specific kudos in your export files (csv, xls). Plus, seamlessly export all kudos messages in one go if you need to!
  4. Customize Your Kudos more: Make "team values" a must with this new setting! Head over to Settings > Kudos, and configure the "require team values" option before giving out kudos. This ensures every shout-out aligns with your predefined team's core values!
  5. DailyBot's Partners Program goes public: We've flung open the doors to our Partners Program. From app integrations to content collaborations, there's a universe of possibilities for you to explore. Visit our Partners page →

Dive deeper into these updates in our latest blog post. 🚀

July 28, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce a wave of exciting updates that elevate your DailyBot experience to new heights:

  1. New Plugin for ChatGPT: Unlock the power of GPT-4 with our new plugin for ChatGPT! Extract valuable knowledge from team check-ins, forms, and surveys. Gain intelligent team insights and tackle blockers effortlessly. See official release.
  2. Advanced frequencies for Check-ins: Tailor your check-in frequencies precisely as you need. Choose from monthly check-ins or create custom intervals using cron notation for ultimate flexibility.
  3. New filters everywhere: Better organization with new filters in the Check-ins home, Forms home, Form Records view, Workflows view, and the Commands view.
  4. Empowered team mood tracking: Gain deeper insights into your team's mood, with improved filtering options by teams and responses.

Expand on each one of these updates in our new post. 🚀

June 8, 2023

💬 DailyBot now supports Portuguese in the Web App! Users can now choose Portuguese as their preferred language for a localized experience. To change the language individually, go to Settings > My user profile > Language. Additionally, organization administrators can set the language for everyone by going to Settings > Organization > Dashboard preferences. Go to the App →

🗓️ Workflows now feature an improved user experience for scheduling tasks. Users can easily schedule tasks within workflows, enhancing productivity and task management. Enjoy a seamless workflow creation process with this update. See Workflows →

📄 We have introduced a new action in Workflows - the Consolidated report. Users can now add a consolidated report as a new action in their workflows. To access this feature, go to the Web App > Workflows > Creation/edition Workflow > Actions > Post a consolidated report. This enables users to generate consolidated reports automatically as part of their workflows. Go to Workflows →

🔥 DailyBot has added new use cases for Workflows. Users can now automate alerts for new blockers by utilizing the trigger ‘User reports a blocker in a check-in’ and then selecting the action ‘Send a chat message’ to the managers. This streamlines the process of alerting relevant team members about blockers for prompt resolution. Additionally, Workflows can now be utilized to generate ✨AI content, further enhancing automation capabilities. See some use cases →

🔓 Privacy settings have been expanded in DailyBot. Users can now limit the visibility and access that team members have within the organization. By navigating to Organization > Security > Limit member access, users can customize and restrict access as necessary. Take control of member visibility with this enhanced privacy feature. Learn more →

March 31, 2023

DailyBot now allows users to select a universal time zone for Check-in reminders and consolidated reports. This feature is in response to user feedback, as many teams are located in different time zones around the world, making it difficult to select a time that works for everyone 🕒

With this release, users can select a specific time zone for the Start Reminder time (participants' local time zone or a universal time zone) and another for the Consolidated report (organization time zone & another specific time zone), or choose the same universal time zone for both.

👀 With the new Consolidated Report options in Check-ins, users now have three conditions to send the report: Always (even if no responses are collected, with no consideration for holidays), Only when there is at least one response (default), and Only when someone is pending to respond (this includes the first option of Always sending).

🚀 DailyBot now includes a new view where users can see responses to check-ins that share the same template (i.e. the same questions), making it easier for users to view multiple Check-ins at once. Learn about aggregated reports →

DailyBot has added two new options to your check-in configuration to allow for greater customization of response times. Users can now decide when participants are allowed to fill out reports with more specificity. The new options are:

  • Allow responses before the start reminder time (if disabled, DailyBot won't allow responses before the start reminder time)
  • Allow submitting reports on any dates (allowing reports on past and/or future dates, depending on the configuration).

We added a new setting for Check-ins, where org admins can enable the reuse of responses for all users in the organization, to make it easier to visualize the responses of check-ins with the same questions at the same time. With this new organization setting, all current members will have the reuse of responses enabled, and any new member will automatically have it enabled as well. Find in Settings →

We added a new option in Kudos to see the values of kudos and kudos++ added in the leaderboard. If you’d rather combine both of these values into a single one, now you can. Find this in Settings →

🌅 To simplify the process of setting your time off, we have added a new feature that allows members to quickly set their time off through the simple command "set time off YYY-MM-DD to YYYY-MM-DD" or after check-ins. This means that members can easily communicate OOO days to their team without having to send separate messages or emails.

March 7, 2023

🚀 Introducing DailyBot+, a new skillset possible by our recent integration with AI technologies to improve your chat and automation experience at DailyBot:

  1. DailyBot+ brings AI powers to your work chat that can help streamline your workflow and boost productivity.
  2. It also brings more options to your DailyBot workflows with new AI actions that allow you to generate content dynamically with the help of AI and use this output in your workflows (send it to your chat or email, add it as a new form record, etc.)

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with DailyBot+:

  • 💬 Use it as a smart Q&A assistant and search engine in your chat
  • 🔀 Activate AI workflows to analyze daily stand-up blockers and suggest solutions
  • 😌 Replace Grammarly or Google Translate with a simple assistant
  • ✍️ Get help with writing emails, daily materials, SEO-optimized texts, ads, or blog posts
  • 🧑‍💻 Get code examples right in your chat
  • 🎲 Use a workflow to post random jokes, motivational quotes, or even cybersecurity tips in a chat channel
  • 📑 Get help with market research and competitor research
  • ⌨️ Automate text messages or emails with DailyBot's automated instructions

See DailyBot+ in your account →

February 15, 2023

💪 You now have the ability to view a comprehensive log of all your integration activities. Using GitHub, ClickUp, or one of these integrations in your day-to-day? Access to the Activity Log page from your Daily Report view or from the Integrations page.

  • You can filter by date, participants, or integrations — also search for specific words to get results more useful for you.

(💡 A brief refresher on how to connect your integrations to DailyBot and associate the activity from integrations with a Check-in.)

🔥 Exciting news! Our Zapier Integration has been updated with some brand new triggers and actions to give you even more flexibility and control. Here are the latest updates:

New Triggers:

  • Form record approved or denied
  • Workflow completed

New Actions:

  • Run check-in
  • Run workflow
  • Track activity
  • Find user

With these new additions, you can make more powerful workflows and automate even more tasks with ease. We can't wait for you to try them out and see the benefits they bring to your productivity 🤩

Find the complete list of triggers and actions below:

📋 We made new improvements to our Forms to make it even easier for you to manage and track your data, including:

  • Quickly find a specific form that you're looking for. This can help you save time and navigate through your forms more efficiently.
  • Find a specific response within a form. This can be especially helpful when you need to review a particular submission or locate a specific piece of information.
  • Easily clean up form responses and remove any irrelevant or outdated information. Use this to maintain the accuracy and relevance of your data over time.

December 15, 2022

💣 A powerful yet easy way to automate multi-step processes for your chat is here, meet Workflows 1.0!

Workflows transforms each DailyBot feature into a building block you can use to create more complete use cases and team workflows. Use triggers and actions to automate multi-step operations for you and your team without using any code at all! See intro guide →

Here are some ideas to kickstart your use of Workflows today and never look back:

🔀 And a new, improved way of handling dynamic in-chat forms and check-ins is here, too! Meet Conditional Logic 1.0!

Now you can skip questions, trigger check-ins, or even additional forms based on user answers. Learn more →

The use cases for this are unlimited. Need inspiration? You can start with these articles:

December 9, 2022

🔥 Closing this year with three hot new integrations (GitHub, Shortcut, Linear), and a pool of new requests of your favorite apps!

❄️ Out of office? (PTO, Vacation, etc.) You can now set time off for your entire organization in your Organization Settings, under “Time Preferences.” Go to the app →

🧩 Developer? Now you have a lot more possibilities to make magic with DailyBot, thanks to our newest Workflow Trigger and the new Activity API 🥷

  • Improvements we made to the DailyBot x Zapier integration will also come in handy! Match DailyBot with thousands of apps before leaving your organization. Learn how to incorporate your favorite apps into your chat workflows by trying them out via Zapier. Go to the app →
  • 👏 Users who give kudos from the web app can also give kudos to a DailyBot team using the same steps as before! The dropdown you’ve been using to select who’s getting kudos now supports teams as well as individuals 🎅 Give kudos to a team to try →
  • 🔽 Improvements in the Members view will let org admins can export basic data of all their members from the contextual menu at the top right page of the screen, next to “Invite People.” Go to the app →
  • ✍️ Discord users! We added 5 new slash commands for you to interact with DailyBot more easily via chat. The slash commands list includes: /help, /dashboard, /checkin, /forms, and /commands. Try them now!

September 30, 2022

🔥 We launched Search & Actions in the web app! This feature will help you quickly pull up help information, shortcuts to features and settings, tutorials, info of your reports, you name it. See in the app →

👀 We've added a help modal to each product page to help you quickly see the chat commands for that product. See in the app →

📝 You can now view more details about your check-ins. When you're in your Check-ins home, click the three dots icon to find the option "Check-in details." You can also now copy and share a direct link to any check-in from the app. See in the app →

☑️ We added three new commands to your chat to fill out & reset checkins for other dates, including: checkin for tomorrow, checkin for today, and checkin for yesterday.

🔔 Now we allow users to send reminders on days where there aren't any responses, regardless of the date you choose. As usual, this feature is available to org admins, managers and check-in owners. See in the app →

📆 We launched a new command called scheduling! It allows users to set their Breeze calendar link to improve the automatic matches that DailyBot runs with virtual coffee or match. We involved scheduling in the flow of virtual coffee. Type scheduling in a private chat with DailyBot to discover it.

September 9, 2022

💣 Superbomb update: We’re introducing a new way to set up templates of best practices for your organization. We called them DailyBot Solution Kits.

These kits allow anyone — new or existing users — to install a package of best practices from relevant industries and topics that includes essential check-ins, forms, company values, and social add-ons like virtual coffees or onboarding intros that were preconfigured for you. We’re launching ten solution kits today. Click on each kit to learn more:

🔑 Major company update: DailyBot is now SOC2 Type II compliant. We recently got the report from our auditors that officializes it, and we couldn’t be prouder. More of this news pretty soon!

🚀 Now you can add external people to DailyBot. Use their email to bring people from any chat platform into your organization. Find this at “Settings > Members > ··· > Invite guests.” Go to Members →

🔄 Syncing people from your Slack channels to a DailyBot team is a reality today. Find this convenient feature when you’re creating a new team in “Settings > Teams > Create team > Sync with a channel.” See in Members →

🎨 Use personalized colors in your charts for check-ins and forms: you can change the default colors of your charts by assigning different colors to yes/no and multiple choice questions in your template settings. Go to Check-ins →

🏹 Now you can choose the questions that should be included in your chat reports — and the ones that should be left out. DailyBot will still show all your check-in questions in the web app. Set up this feature in your check-in template. See templates →

👀 By request of team managers, we updated your check-in roles to allow participants with read-only permissions. Find this on your check-in settings in the Participants tab. Go to Check-ins →

🔒 Just as we did with Forms, you can now protect your check-ins against all sorts of deletion attempts. Find it in your check-in settings like “Secure deletion.”

☕ Virtual Coffee has been refreshed with lots of new frequencies for you to pick. You can quickly customize your virtual coffees to match participants every week but also every 2 or weeks, and on a monthly basis. We also added a “Custom” option so you can set it up at a different time.

🔃 If you’re the admin of a DailyBot organization for Slack, you can now sync the workspace avatars of your team with everyone’s DailyBot profiles at “Settings > Members.” No need to do this manually anymore. Make the change →

July 5, 2022

🔥 For check-ins and forms, you can now select multiple channels to share your reports.

🔍 Find your check-ins easily with our newest search tool. In addition, scrolling through the reports is now easier thanks to the improvements in pagination. Go to Check-ins →

💬 Launch the watercooler on demand in any channel where DailyBot is invited. Just type @dailybot watercooler random in the channel where you want to start a conversation with your team.

⚙️ DailyBot and Zapier now makes it easy to post new content to a Twitter account from a simple in-chat form. Use this Zap →

June 9, 2022

🖊️ Our main commands for check-ins have changed! Now use checkin instead of daily to interact with your check-in reports via chat 😮

This minimizes the confusion of using a “daily” command to retrieve weekly or even monthly reports. (Remember: Now you can set up check-in frequencies for up to a year).

The full list of check-in commands looks like this moving forward:

  • 📝 Type checkin in a direct message to start your daily update.
  • 👀 Type checkin status in a direct message to get the status of your check-in updates.
  • 📖 Type checkin reset to remove a report from today.
  • ✏️ Type checkin edit in a direct message to edit your check-in responses.
  • 📅 Type checkin for YYYY-MM-DD to fill out a report on the specified date.

💬 The watercooler command now comes with custom time options:

⏱️ Time settings were updated with the 12h format (instead of the former 24h format):

📑 We made significant improvements in how DailyBot renders your reports to support nested bullet points via chat or web 🔥

👨‍💻 Slack Enterprise Grid users with multiple DailyBot organizations will enjoy a better user experience moving forward thanks to our native support for Slack Enterprise Grid 😍 Our users can interact with DailyBot from any workspace without hassle now!

🤖 Discord servers, assemble! We heard you the first time – and we have great news: Multi-server support is now a reality 🚀

Oh, and in case you don’t know yet, we opened a space on Discord to help you sort out issues, find the right guides, gather new ideas, and create a more open platform for collaboration 🔮 Join us! →

May 10, 2022

  • 🔥 Coming in hot! We added new functionality to ChatOps: Build, code, run, and test your own code in real time with DailyBot. You can create quick commands and actions for your chat without leaving the app’s editor. Request early access today via
  • 🖖 Great news! We opened up check-ins to support frequencies for up to a year now 🎊 New frequencies include 3 months, 1 semester, 1 year. Go wild! See Check-ins →
  • ☀️ New template: We added a new product development template that will allow you to run 4Ls Retrospectives with your team. See in app →
  • 🤓 Another useful template: The 1 in 60 Rule — A productivity check-in that automates Cody Sanchez’s framework for Sunday reflections. See in app →
  • ✌️ Developer? Moving forward, use the public API to send messages to members of specific teams using "target_teams”. Now you can find the Team ID in the app’s Settings > Teams > ⋮ (3-dot menu). See the docs →

Apr 13, 2022

  • 🚀 We’ve made several improvements in the way you access and edit members’ info within your DailyBot organization. Go to Settings > Members and click on someone to see the new detail view for members. If you’re an org admin or a team manager, you can also edit any relevant information from here. 😉
  • 🗣️ Following the previous update, now admins can decide who can edit user profiles through Settings > Organization > Security.
  • 🔦 We improved the API key experience: See last usage, owner and name of each key in one place.
  • 🔒 We added a new mechanism to protect your forms against deletion in your form settings. If you activate this feature, no one can delete your form by mistake or intent.
  • 🔏 Forms have been supercharged with the new Approval Flow 🔥  Create a new form to see how it works.
  • 📄 Forms will let you edit or delete your own records now.
  • 📊 The Kudos leaderboard now lets you select a custom time period to filter your team’s kudos, as well as export this data in CSV and XLSX. You can also check the total of kudos given according to the timeframe you select.
  • 👤 Microsoft Teams users can check all the teams where DailyBot is installed now. This will make easier to track whether DailyBot is already active for your team in case you’re trying to invite new members or add new channels from said team.
  • 👀 We’ve made public our uptime monitoring stats at
  • 🧵 Slack users: Interact with DailyBot in threads now to avoid losing context.

Mar 15, 2022

  • 🚀  We’ve been making major infrastructure improvements to support our growth over the past couple of months. More exciting things coming this 2022!
  • 🌐  We added new support in your chat triggers to quickly access the web app to fill out reports.
  • 🖼️  Reports are now presented with the authors’ name and profile picture to make it easier for you to know who’s sharing the updates at a glance.
  • 👏  Give kudos++ to a group of people, even if you’re included (as a receiver.) If your team sent group kudos and you are included, you can now thank your teammates by joining the kudos++
  • 🔋  New improvements in our public API as well! We also added new support for webhooks, including: “Organization changes” and “Kudos given.”
  • 🔒  Improved security in your authentication with webhooks using Private Keys. We also added support for OAuth 2.0 authentication.
  • 😉  New API methods: Check our documentation and let us know what you build!

    Create, Update & Remove check-ins
    Send check-ins reminders
    List Forms, Templates, Users, Teams
    Send Emails
    Give Kudos
    Creates a group conversation in Slack
  • The "Give Kudos" & "Send Message" endpoints now receive emails, external IDs or UUIDs
  • Improved our API documentation — Are you developer? Learn more about this ->
  • 💫  New Kudos trigger in Zapier:
  • 🛸  New action events in Zapier include “Send Message” and “Give Kudos” as well!

Jan 17, 2022

📝 Forms: Users enjoying public forms can now change DailyBot’s logo for their own in the form settings. The feature uses the organization’s current avatar, so make sure you’ve uploaded one before using this option. View in app

😊 Mood is getting more modular: Filter the mood tracker by your current teams or “Only Me” in the homepage chart. View in app

✍️ Best practices: We uploaded a new check-in template about eNPS. If you’re already measuring your users’ loyalty through a standard NPS survey, keep in mind your greatest assets: employees. View in app

🔧 Stability: We improved the interaction with the bot 🤖 You can now respond to commands in the middle of check-in and have a smoother experience, among better stability and faster iterations.

🤖 Bot flow: DailyBot now allows you to respond AND review check-ins from different dates with our latest update. Use daily for {date} in chat to try it out!

December/2021 ⛄

  • ⚒️ Webhooks: We added a more detailed view for webhooks on the web app, including all the pertinent data for easy testing and troubleshooting. We also added new hooks like updated or deleted check-ins and forms.
  • 🤝 The match command was released for limited users. Now users can set up onboarding intros for newcomers using just a few lines in their chat. Learn more
  • 🏁 Your templates for Check-ins and Forms are easier and faster to create now with the improved UX. Drag and drop questions and slimmer inputs will allow you to go 3x every time you want to customize your reports. See it now
  • 👏 Kudos: Improvements on this feature include a “Previous month” view for the leaderboard, as well as a new export button next to the board filters to get the current data in CSV and XLSX. See it now


  • In-chat form responses is now supported across all chat platforms. Just trigger a form using the command you chose and click “Fill out form” to test it out.
  • We officially launched virtual coffee, a comprehensive command for 1:1s coffees with your team. Learn more
  • The birthday popper 🎉 command now allows you to set up reminders and alerts for your team birthdays. Learn more
  • We added a filter for your commands list on the web app and new search functionality. Now you can switch between everyone's commands or just yours, and you can search a command by its display name or description. 🔍
  • We added search support to the Forms homepage to look up for existing forms by name. Also we implemented the new Summary view that complements Records with other kind of data and metrics.
Form metrics are now supported through the Summary view

The Records page also had several UX/UI improvements including a 'details' view every time the user clicks on a field.

  • Now you can fill out check-ins on a future date from the web app. 👀  Just go to Check-ins, select the check-in you want to fill out, and change the date to adjust this.
  • We've added the same rich text editor from Check-ins and Forms to Commands, improving the formatting support when you create new commands from the web app.
  • Community commands are now supported in Spanish and Portuguese. 🗣️


  • 🔧 We made improvements to our onboarding process on Google Chat, including new support to fetch users directly from Google Suite. Now you can look for users with their names, like you'd look for them within the chat platform itself.
  • 📈 Analytics: We added a “details” view to this page so users can see more info on the check-in itself and the trends on responses over time.
  • 🎉 We published DailyBot Guides in our site. The first installment of our newest set of product and content resources of all things remote and hybrid work. We also released the ChatOps Directory in the web app, including a collection of articles for all our essential commands and more.
ChatOps directory in the web app
  • ✍️ We heard you! Now question templates support 3,000 characters (thus a lot of new use cases!)
  • 😎 Check-ins with multiple choice questions now have full support of emoji responses.
  • 📄 The custom commands page now supports pagination. You'll notice an immediate increase in performance and UX there.


  • 🤖 Integrations: We officially opened our beta program for Discord users. 🎊 Now work teams, institutions or communities using Discord as their home can integrate DailyBot natively to their servers, and experience the full capabilities of the web app. See more
  • API: We added new endpoints for you. Now you can create your own commands and consult your users, information about your organization, and send messages through chat. Learn more
  • 📈 Analytics: We officially released Analytics for Check-ins to the public. This will help you better understand your team's blockers or points of attention over time. Stay tuned for more on this.
  • 👩‍🏫 Resources: The tour command was officially launched for all DailyBot organizations to facilitate product discovery from the chat itself.


  • We were thrilled to announce that DailyBot joined the Y Combinator family ✨ — We got funded by Y Combinator this 2021 summer batch. And we continue taking active steps towards a more solid chat assistant for work. Read our official note →
  • 1:1 Virtual Coffee in chat: DailyBot now helps you strengthen your team's relationships by connecting co-workers for coffee or tea, you name it. Get matched with a co-worker each week. Read more →
  • ChatOps: We extended the way you can create commands today. We support GET, PUT, PATCH, and more HTTPS methods. Read more →
  • 📈 Analytics: We released the first version of Analytics for web reports to our private beta. We know this will help you better understand your team's blockers or points of attention over time. Stay tuned.
  • 😄 Team mood: See the past 3, 6, and 12 months of your team mood through the upgraded charts in the Check-in Home. Make important decisions on time and keep the squad happy.
  • More frequencies for check-ins: Run and configure your check-ins for a longer time. We now support frequencies of 5 weeks, 2 months, and 1 year. Ask for your roadmap status every 2 months, run a 360-degree feedback survey every year, or whatever helps your team the most! 
  • Check-in templates for every need: We have increased our library of templates (more on best practices coming up). Every team and teammate in your company has different needs, and now you can create independent check-ins to monitor your team goals or run a wellness journal – just for you. We made sure there was something for your sales, marketing, customer support, and mental health teams now.
  • 🔗 ClickUp: We love integrations! Connect ClickUp with DailyBot and get activity tracking and card updates in your check-in reports. Read how here →


  • 🤘 DailyBot Forms are here and started to roll out to our users (progressively, first to our Beta group) — build forms that you can run/trigger via chat, or share web-forms internally or publicly; when there is a new response you get a notification/report in a chat channel - truly powerful to automate your own workflows
  • 👋  Water cooler: run thoughtful in-channel prompts to connect your team around a (virtual) watercooler. You can configure DailyBot to run these on a daily or weekly basis, just go to a channel and type "@dailybot watercooler" to enable it. It asks questions like "If aliens landed on earth tomorrow and offered to take you home with them, would you go?"
  • 🏗️  Multi-organization support: a one-of-a-kind Enterprise solution for companies and institutions in need of independent billing for teams or departments, enhanced privacy settings, and more advanced role and access controls. Read more


  • ✅ Launched a new home page for the check-ins, now it is very easy to see what is happening across different team check-ins or standups from one simple page
  • 🍅 Pomodoro: run in-chat pomodoros, type "pomodoro" in a private message with DailyBot and start a hyper-focused work session
  • 🧭 Countdown: a new DailyBot skill that helps you run in-channel countdowns to a special milestone, type "@dailybot countdown" in a chat channel to learn more.
  • 🧘 Virtual commute: let DailyBot help you disconnect from work at the end of the day, this is what this new skill does for you. Type "virtual commute" in a private message with DailyBot to get started — these DailyBot skills are in an early stage, and there are more to come! Share us your feedback and help us build the best chat work assistant ever 🤖


  • 🤩 New web application layout design! See the release note
  • 🎨 Introduced new hand-crafted icons for the sidebar and the Quick Actions menu, so you can create check-ins, templates, commands, or give kudos easily, no matter where in the app you are
  • 💬 Improved the custom commands API, see updated documentation


  • 💼 Improved support for Slack Enterprise Grid: now DailyBot integrates better and smoothly in complex Slack setups
  • 👏 Kudos and Kudos++ are now better differentiated in the web app leaderboard
  • 🔐 Security features for Standard and Enterprise plans. Now you can configure the behavior for the "dashboard" command


  • 🏠  There is no place like home... so we created a new DailyBot App Home Page, now you can see your activities for the day, the most recently active check-ins and a guide to exploring DailyBot
  • 👏 We improved Kudos, now the Kudos++ chat button updates the original Kudos card and won't cause extra messages, it's a nice UX improvement for the chat flow
  • ⚒️ Performance improvements, increasing web app rendering times up to 10X for some pages, and we'll keep working on it
  • 📺 We crafted specific walkthrough videos for each chat platform, this will be more helpful for you. Watch a demo for Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Chat
  • ✍️ New blog posts, including "7 Little Changes That'll Make a Big Difference With Your Remote Work Environment"
  • Stay tuned, there are more significant changes coming soon! We're very excited about what's next


  • ⚡️ Create a standup by typing "" in your browser
  • ⚙️ Launched Commands and Shortcuts to 100% of our users
  • 😃 Improved the Motivation chart, now it shows how many responses were taken in account to calculate the data
  • ⏰ Introducing "Additional Reminders", smart or custom: now you can configure DailyBot to keep sending reminders to your team until the check-ins get completed; this feature is available in paid plans and it's being rolled out progressively


  • 🤖 Renaming the "Follow-Ups" as "Check-ins" for better understanding and preparing for upcoming product releases.
  • 🔐 We performed our yearly security audits in accordance with our vulnerability management policy, we also introduced solid improvements in terms of security to keep your data highly protected.
  • 👏 Improved UX of Kudos (in-chat)
  • Moved our main app domain to
  • Performance improvements in our web application


  • 🔥 Launched Kudos 2.0 to public [Team Values, Analytics, GIF support, improved UX]. see our official release and a video.
  • Snooze feature improved: when you snooze a follow-up reminder, you can now select a custom time for the snooze (if you want to).
  • 🔔 Extra reminders triggered by admins: you can now send extra reminders to users who are pending to respond to a follow-up, go to the web app, open the Follow-Up, open the list of pending members and send the reminders.
  • 🔐 Better privacy and permissions management for Follow-Ups: now you can appoint one or many editors for a Follow-Up; now you can transfer the Follow-Up ownership to another user.
  • 🤓 Organization of question templates, preparing to introduce a lot of new question templates!
  • 👩 Improved the Plan Trials support and added MS Teams support for the GitHub Pack plans
  • 💬 Now you can give kudos to a person from a direct message using @dailybot in Google Chat or Microsoft Teams (this was supported in Slack already) — go to a DM with DailyBot and type "kudos to Mary Congrats for your great work!" - this will give kudos to Mary with the note "Congrats for your great work!"
  • 🎤 Hey Spanish-speaking community: we launched "En Remoto", a podcast about entrepreneurs building startups remotely. See the podcast.


  • 🔥 New flow for editing Follow-Ups - now it's easier and more organized.
  • 🤖 Commands and Shortcuts - 1.0 version is opened to all users. Learn more.
  • 💪 Launched first version of Team Values (or Company Values), now you can configure them and select a team value when giving kudos to someone.
  • 🥳 Kudos leaderboard can be configured to be sorted by Givers or Receivers.
  • Now you can always respond to the Motivational question, even if you decide to Skip the follow-up.
  • The "Give Kudos" flow is improved for Google Chat and Microsoft Teams. And on web, you can finally give kudos to several people at once!
  • Added GIF to the Kudos flow: now you see a GIF when you give kudos in the web app, also the GIF is supported in the emails (weekly encouraging reports).
  • Migrated our Support Center to
  • Kudos in-chat cards are re-designed and improved.
  • Analytics for team values: see your personal insights and as admin, the impact your team is having based on the team/core values


  • Launched the Step Back Command: if you are in a chatbot conversation (in the middle of a follow-up or check-in), you can now type back, and DailyBot will take you back to the previous question. It works across all the chat platforms we support.
  • New flow for creating Follow-Ups — we're making UX improvements to help you have an easier flow when creating new follow-ups.


  • 🔥 Launched our new website!go to the home page and take a look
  • Improved the information and look of the web app Follow-Ups home page, now you can see who is pending to respond and the blockers turn hot (red) when they require more attention from you
Better design for the Follow-up web home
  • Filling out reports and editing responses on the web is coming! we already started rolling out this feature
  • On the Follow-Ups daily report (web app), DailyBot now recommends you to give Kudos to the team when it notices that you should improve your team's morale 🥰
  • Slack: if you tag users on any follow-up report, the user names will now appear nicely formatted on web reports and emails
  • Slack Enterprise Grid migration is now supported automatically by our platform
  • Improved text formatting on web reports, supporting all the markdown options that each chat platform offers
  • Introduced a Global Regex Parser that allows you to make on-the-fly text replacements based on users' input; you can do things like: when someone's response includes a string like "TK-1", then replace it with a link that points to another tool, like JIRA. It's a simple but powerful feature
Find this feature on Follow-Ups > General Settings


Give kudos to your team and reward excellence! Meet the new cool DailyBot Skill.
Give kudos to your team and reward excellence! Meet the new cool DailyBot Skill.
  • Introducing Kudos! — use the chatbot or the web app to give kudos to your team, it just takes a few seconds to recognize them for their great work. Read more
  • We shipped a few UX/UI improvements in our web application. We continue working on improving usability and you'll see some other minor (and major ;)) updates in the upcoming weeks
  • Now you can have a chat conversation with DailyBot in private, and at the same time query reports in a chat channel or room. That's now possible thanks to a new ability that DailyBot has where it can manage multiple conversation contexts. Oh, that boy is getting smarter!
  • The Zapier integration is here! Learn more
  • Our API integrations with Trello, JIRA, and Bitbucket are finally available for all the Standard plan users. Learn more
  • Introducing outgoing webhooks! Learn more. This is very useful to allow you integrate data and activity happening in DailyBot with your own systems


  • 📦 We're moving to our new domain!
  • Stay tuned for question templates with built-in question types like multiple choice, yes/no responses and logic (if A then prompt B). This feature is being rolled out progressively
  • Incoming webhooks support for Trello, JIRA and Bitbucket are coming soon
  • Introducing 1 on 1 meetings for managers. When you enable these kind of check-ins, double check your follow-up privacy settings so only you see the responses


  • 🔥 Time to ask, feature improved: you can now decide whether you want to trigger the follow-up reminders at a custom time or based on each member's timezone and their work start time setting
Find this setting when creating or editing a follow-up.
Find this setting when creating or editing a follow-up.
  • Follow-up reports right in your private chat. This feature lets every team member define whether they want to get a direct message from DailyBot every time a follow-up is ready (reached the time limit)
Find it in Follow-up Skill Settings > My preferences
Find it in Follow-up Skill Settings > My preferences
  • The in-channel reporting for Slack and Hangouts has been improved, it now includes a better summary and which team members reported blockers
  • Now when you request an on demand report via chat bot using the command "daily report", you'll also get a list of members who are pending to fill out the report
  • New very useful feature for Daily Activity Briefing and Weekly Email Digests. We're rolling it out progressively, these are available for all Standard and Enterprise plans


  • 🔒 Security - Added Granular Scopes support for Slack Integrations
  • CSV Export Feature available for all plans, with improved performance
  • XLSX Export Feature, allowing export of multiple follow-ups at once
  • PDF reports available, this feature is unlimited for Standard and Enterprise plans. Free and Basic plans have limits in terms of number of responses
  • Improved process for in-chat user onboarding for Google Chat users
  • Google Chat users can now use quick actions (buttons) to start, snooze or skip a daily
  • Improved the Follow-ups Aggregated Report for Google Chat users
  • Microsoft Teams invitation processes improved, introduced minor fixes to the mechanism DailyBot uses to fetch potential members to invite from MS Teams APIs.
  • Question Templates now allow you to configure introductory messages (intros) and thank you or final notes (Get started)
  • All the default Question Templates are now supported in Spanish
  • Performance improvements, queries and reports are much faster now


  • Now available in Microsoft Teams!
  • Anonymous Responses are now available, you can enable this feature on any follow-up. Learn more
  • Introduced better Privacy Settings, now you can define who can see responses from a follow-up with a new setting. Learn more
  • We introduced a template for Team Health Checks around COVID-19, 6 key questions to help you understand who needs attention. Questions were designed by a medical advisor. DailyBot doesn't replace a doctor, and you should be aware about privacy: whether you want to send those reports to channels or not
  • We launched new follow-up templates available for all plans. Now you have templates for retrospectives, meeting prep, sprint health check or check-in, weekly executive
  • Introduced Rich Text Format support for Microsoft Teams responses, supported both in Bot reports and in the web dashboard reports


  • Multi-domain support for Google Suite organizations that have several domain names (or aliases). If you need support to add this compatibility to your account please contact us
  • G-Suite / Hangouts Chat users now have a much better user invitation process, we introduced a unique link to allow teammates to sign up easily and the process is better explained now
  • We introduced new templates to our catalog
  • Added better support and improved the way DailyBot works in Slack shared channels
  • Launched some special content to help regarding the COVID-19 situation
  • DailyBot's chatbot will be sharing mental health tips, hygiene good practices and other tips to help prevent the COVID-19 spread. This temporary feature will be enabled until we overcome this situation
  • The billing process has been improved, now you can change licenses, activate/deactivate users and you'll be charged per batch
  • We made the auto-join feature more solid and solved some issues related to validation


  • Slack Guest Accounts (single-channel or multi-channel) are supported!
  • Blockers will not be showing in the Dashboard daily report view, this behavior happens if you turn OFF showing critical/blockers in the web/bot reports (from template management).
  • Users on time-off/vacation won't get be mentioned in the reports


  • Good news for Slack users! Now you can edit any Follow-Up response, as editing any Slack message, and the report will be updated in real-time in any channel or thread it was already shared! — a similar workaround will come later to Hangouts and Microsoft Teams
  • New version of Question Templates
  • Follow-Ups now support any user-selected Question Template
  • Added support to more kinds of frequencies in the Follow-Ups: weekly, bi-weekly, every 4 weeks
  • Our new approach lets you setup as many follow-up initiatives as you need for any given team
  • Now you can submit separate reports per each follow-up. There is a way to turn it ON/OFF a setting that helps you re-use the same reply in case you're member of several Follow-Ups that share the same questions
  • Now you can type cancel as a response to any Follow-Up question, that will cancel that update so you can start over
  • The bot supports new commands: settings gives you quick info of your own configuration, and, news gives you announcements and a link to this page
  • Our Legal team crafted a new and improved version of DPA to sign with our business/enterprise customers


  • Faster search of Slack channels, now supporting very big organizations that have thousands of channels with a high performant solution
  • Interactive components for faster replies (Slack supports quick replies with shortcuts/buttons)
  • Improved FAQ and help command
  • Early-version of our Skills directory in our website
  • Launched self-service subscriptions, we keep a free plan and then new paid plans with enhanced features and unlimited options


  • A bunch of major and minor updates :)
  • We just started maintaining our release notes on December 2019

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