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December 2, 2021

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  • In-chat form responses is now supported across all chat platforms. Just trigger a form using the command you chose and click “Fill out form” to test it out.
  • We officially launched virtual coffee, a comprehensive command for 1:1s coffees with your team. Learn more
  • The birthday popper 🎉 command now allows you to set up reminders and alerts for your team birthdays. Learn more
  • We added a filter for your commands list on the web app and new search functionality. Now you can switch between everyone's commands or just yours, and you can search a command by its display name or description. 🔍
  • We added search support to the Forms homepage to look up for existing forms by name. Also we implemented the new Summary view that complements Records with other kind of data and metrics.
Form metrics are now supported through the Summary view

The Records page also had several UX/UI improvements including a 'details' view every time the user clicks on a field.

  • Now you can fill out check-ins on a future date from the web app. 👀  Just go to Check-ins, select the check-in you want to fill out, and change the date to adjust this.
  • We've added the same rich text editor from Check-ins and Forms to Commands, improving the formatting support when you create new commands from the web app.
  • Community commands are now supported in Spanish and Portuguese. 🗣️


  • 🔧 We made improvements to our onboarding process on Google Chat, including new support to fetch users directly from Google Suite. Now you can look for users with their names, like you'd look for them within the chat platform itself.
  • 📈 Analytics: We added a “details” view to this page so users can see more info on the check-in itself and the trends on responses over time.
  • 🎉 We published DailyBot Guides in our site. The first installment of our newest set of product and content resources of all things remote and hybrid work. We also released the ChatOps Directory in the web app, including a collection of articles for all our essential commands and more.
ChatOps directory in the web app
  • ✍️ We heard you! Now question templates support 3,000 characters (thus a lot of new use cases!)
  • 😎 Check-ins with multiple choice questions now have full support of emoji responses.
  • 📄 The custom commands page now supports pagination. You'll notice an immediate increase in performance and UX there.


  • 🤖 Integrations: We officially opened our beta program for Discord users. 🎊 Now work teams, institutions or communities using Discord as their home can integrate DailyBot natively to their servers, and experience the full capabilities of the web app. See more
  • API: We added new endpoints for you. Now you can create your own commands and consult your users, information about your organization, and send messages through chat. Learn more
  • 📈 Analytics: We officially released Analytics for Check-ins to the public. This will help you better understand your team's blockers or points of attention over time. Stay tuned for more on this.
  • 👩‍🏫 Resources: The tour command was officially launched for all DailyBot organizations to facilitate product discovery from the chat itself.


  • We were thrilled to announce that DailyBot joined the Y Combinator family ✨ — We got funded by Y Combinator this 2021 summer batch. And we continue taking active steps towards a more solid chat assistant for work. Read our official note →
  • 1:1 Virtual Coffee in chat: DailyBot now helps you strengthen your team's relationships by connecting co-workers for coffee or tea, you name it. Get matched with a co-worker each week. Read more →
  • ChatOps: We extended the way you can create commands today. We support GET, PUT, PATCH, and more HTTPS methods. Read more →
  • 📈 Analytics: We released the first version of Analytics for web reports to our private beta. We know this will help you better understand your team's blockers or points of attention over time. Stay tuned.
  • 😄 Team mood: See the past 3, 6, and 12 months of your team mood through the upgraded charts in the Check-in Home. Make important decisions on time and keep the squad happy.
  • More frequencies for check-ins: Run and configure your check-ins for a longer time. We now support frequencies of 5 weeks, 2 months, and 1 year. Ask for your roadmap status every 2 months, run a 360-degree feedback survey every year, or whatever helps your team the most! 
  • Check-in templates for every need: We have increased our library of templates (more on best practices coming up). Every team and teammate in your company has different needs, and now you can create independent check-ins to monitor your team goals or run a wellness journal – just for you. We made sure there was something for your sales, marketing, customer support, and mental health teams now.
  • 🔗 ClickUp: We love integrations! Connect ClickUp with DailyBot and get activity tracking and card updates in your check-in reports. Read how here →


  • 🤘 DailyBot Forms are here and started to roll out to our users (progressively, first to our Beta group) — build forms that you can run/trigger via chat, or share web-forms internally or publicly; when there is a new response you get a notification/report in a chat channel - truly powerful to automate your own workflows
  • 👋  Water cooler: run thoughtful in-channel prompts to connect your team around a (virtual) watercooler. You can configure DailyBot to run these on a daily or weekly basis, just go to a channel and type "@dailybot watercooler" to enable it. It asks questions like "If aliens landed on earth tomorrow and offered to take you home with them, would you go?"
  • 🏗️  Multi-organization support: a one-of-a-kind Enterprise solution for companies and institutions in need of independent billing for teams or departments, enhanced privacy settings, and more advanced role and access controls. Read more


  • ✅ Launched a new home page for the check-ins, now it is very easy to see what is happening across different team check-ins or standups from one simple page
  • 🍅 Pomodoro: run in-chat pomodoros, type "pomodoro" in a private message with DailyBot and start a hyper-focused work session
  • 🧭 Countdown: a new DailyBot skill that helps you run in-channel countdowns to a special milestone, type "@dailybot countdown" in a chat channel to learn more.
  • 🧘 Virtual commute: let DailyBot help you disconnect from work at the end of the day, this is what this new skill does for you. Type "virtual commute" in a private message with DailyBot to get started — these DailyBot skills are in an early stage, and there are more to come! Share us your feedback and help us build the best chat work assistant ever 🤖


  • 🤩 New web application layout design! See the release note
  • 🎨 Introduced new hand-crafted icons for the sidebar and the Quick Actions menu, so you can create check-ins, templates, commands, or give kudos easily, no matter where in the app you are
  • 💬 Improved the custom commands API, see updated documentation


  • 💼 Improved support for Slack Enterprise Grid: now DailyBot integrates better and smoothly in complex Slack setups
  • 👏 Kudos and Kudos++ are now better differentiated in the web app leaderboard
  • 🔐 Security features for Standard and Enterprise plans. Now you can configure the behavior for the "dashboard" command


  • 🏠  There is no place like home... so we created a new DailyBot App Home Page, now you can see your activities for the day, the most recently active check-ins and a guide to exploring DailyBot
  • 👏 We improved Kudos, now the Kudos++ chat button updates the original Kudos card and won't cause extra messages, it's a nice UX improvement for the chat flow
  • ⚒️ Performance improvements, increasing web app rendering times up to 10X for some pages, and we'll keep working on it
  • 📺 We crafted specific walkthrough videos for each chat platform, this will be more helpful for you. Watch a demo for Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Chat
  • ✍️ New blog posts, including "7 Little Changes That'll Make a Big Difference With Your Remote Work Environment"
  • Stay tuned, there are more significant changes coming soon! We're very excited about what's next


  • ⚡️ Create a standup by typing "standup.new" in your browser
  • ⚙️ Launched Commands and Shortcuts to 100% of our users
  • 😃 Improved the Motivation chart, now it shows how many responses were taken in account to calculate the data
  • ⏰ Introducing "Additional Reminders", smart or custom: now you can configure DailyBot to keep sending reminders to your team until the check-ins get completed; this feature is available in paid plans and it's being rolled out progressively


  • 🤖 Renaming the "Follow-Ups" as "Check-ins" for better understanding and preparing for upcoming product releases.
  • 🔐 We performed our yearly security audits in accordance with our vulnerability management policy, we also introduced solid improvements in terms of security to keep your data highly protected.
  • 👏 Improved UX of Kudos (in-chat)
  • Moved our main app domain to app.dailybot.com
  • Performance improvements in our web application


  • 🔥 Launched Kudos 2.0 to public [Team Values, Analytics, GIF support, improved UX]. see our official release and a video.
  • Snooze feature improved: when you snooze a follow-up reminder, you can now select a custom time for the snooze (if you want to).
  • 🔔 Extra reminders triggered by admins: you can now send extra reminders to users who are pending to respond to a follow-up, go to the web app, open the Follow-Up, open the list of pending members and send the reminders.
  • 🔐 Better privacy and permissions management for Follow-Ups: now you can appoint one or many editors for a Follow-Up; now you can transfer the Follow-Up ownership to another user.
  • 🤓 Organization of question templates, preparing to introduce a lot of new question templates!
  • 👩 Improved the Plan Trials support and added MS Teams support for the GitHub Pack plans
  • 💬 Now you can give kudos to a person from a direct message using @dailybot in Google Chat or Microsoft Teams (this was supported in Slack already) — go to a DM with DailyBot and type "kudos to Mary Congrats for your great work!" - this will give kudos to Mary with the note "Congrats for your great work!"
  • 🎤 Hey Spanish-speaking community: we launched "En Remoto", a podcast about entrepreneurs building startups remotely. See the podcast.


  • 🔥 New flow for editing Follow-Ups - now it's easier and more organized.
  • 🤖 Commands and Shortcuts - 1.0 version is opened to all users. Learn more.
  • 💪 Launched first version of Team Values (or Company Values), now you can configure them and select a team value when giving kudos to someone.
  • 🥳 Kudos leaderboard can be configured to be sorted by Givers or Receivers.
  • Now you can always respond to the Motivational question, even if you decide to Skip the follow-up.
  • The "Give Kudos" flow is improved for Google Chat and Microsoft Teams. And on web, you can finally give kudos to several people at once!
  • Added GIF to the Kudos flow: now you see a GIF when you give kudos in the web app, also the GIF is supported in the emails (weekly encouraging reports).
  • Migrated our Support Center to help.dailybot.com.
  • Kudos in-chat cards are re-designed and improved.
  • Analytics for team values: see your personal insights and as admin, the impact your team is having based on the team/core values


  • Launched the Step Back Command: if you are in a chatbot conversation (in the middle of a follow-up or check-in), you can now type back, and DailyBot will take you back to the previous question. It works across all the chat platforms we support.
  • New flow for creating Follow-Ups — we're making UX improvements to help you have an easier flow when creating new follow-ups.


  • 🔥 Launched our new website!go to the home page and take a look
  • Improved the information and look of the web app Follow-Ups home page, now you can see who is pending to respond and the blockers turn hot (red) when they require more attention from you
Better design for the Follow-up web home
  • Filling out reports and editing responses on the web is coming! we already started rolling out this feature
  • On the Follow-Ups daily report (web app), DailyBot now recommends you to give Kudos to the team when it notices that you should improve your team's morale 🥰
  • Slack: if you tag users on any follow-up report, the user names will now appear nicely formatted on web reports and emails
  • Slack Enterprise Grid migration is now supported automatically by our platform
  • Improved text formatting on web reports, supporting all the markdown options that each chat platform offers
  • Introduced a Global Regex Parser that allows you to make on-the-fly text replacements based on users' input; you can do things like: when someone's response includes a string like "TK-1", then replace it with a link that points to another tool, like JIRA. It's a simple but powerful feature
Find this feature on Follow-Ups > General Settings


Give kudos to your team and reward excellence! Meet the new cool DailyBot Skill.
Give kudos to your team and reward excellence! Meet the new cool DailyBot Skill.
  • Introducing Kudos! — use the chatbot or the web app to give kudos to your team, it just takes a few seconds to recognize them for their great work. Read more
  • We shipped a few UX/UI improvements in our web application. We continue working on improving usability and you'll see some other minor (and major ;)) updates in the upcoming weeks
  • Now you can have a chat conversation with DailyBot in private, and at the same time query reports in a chat channel or room. That's now possible thanks to a new ability that DailyBot has where it can manage multiple conversation contexts. Oh, that boy is getting smarter!
  • The Zapier integration is here! Learn more
  • Our API integrations with Trello, JIRA, and Bitbucket are finally available for all the Standard plan users. Learn more
  • Introducing outgoing webhooks! Learn more. This is very useful to allow you integrate data and activity happening in DailyBot with your own systems


  • 📦 We're moving to our new domain dailybot.com! Read more
  • Stay tuned for question templates with built-in question types like multiple choice, yes/no responses and logic (if A then prompt B). This feature is being rolled out progressively
  • Incoming webhooks support for Trello, JIRA and Bitbucket are coming soon
  • Introducing 1 on 1 meetings for managers. When you enable these kind of check-ins, double check your follow-up privacy settings so only you see the responses


  • 🔥 Time to ask, feature improved: you can now decide whether you want to trigger the follow-up reminders at a custom time or based on each member's timezone and their work start time setting
Find this setting when creating or editing a follow-up.
Find this setting when creating or editing a follow-up.
  • Follow-up reports right in your private chat. This feature lets every team member define whether they want to get a direct message from DailyBot every time a follow-up is ready (reached the time limit)
Find it in Follow-up Skill Settings > My preferences
Find it in Follow-up Skill Settings > My preferences
  • The in-channel reporting for Slack and Hangouts has been improved, it now includes a better summary and which team members reported blockers
  • Now when you request an on demand report via chat bot using the command "daily report", you'll also get a list of members who are pending to fill out the report
  • New very useful feature for Daily Activity Briefing and Weekly Email Digests. We're rolling it out progressively, these are available for all Standard and Enterprise plans


  • 🔒 Security - Added Granular Scopes support for Slack Integrations (Read more)
  • CSV Export Feature available for all plans, with improved performance
  • XLSX Export Feature, allowing export of multiple follow-ups at once
  • PDF reports available, this feature is unlimited for Standard and Enterprise plans. Free and Basic plans have limits in terms of number of responses
  • Improved process for in-chat user onboarding for Google Chat users
  • Google Chat users can now use quick actions (buttons) to start, snooze or skip a daily
  • Improved the Follow-ups Aggregated Report for Google Chat users
  • Microsoft Teams invitation processes improved, introduced minor fixes to the mechanism DailyBot uses to fetch potential members to invite from MS Teams APIs.
  • Question Templates now allow you to configure introductory messages (intros) and thank you or final notes (Get started)
  • All the default Question Templates are now supported in Spanish
  • Performance improvements, queries and reports are much faster now


  • Now available in Microsoft Teams!
  • Anonymous Responses are now available, you can enable this feature on any follow-up. Learn more
  • Introduced better Privacy Settings, now you can define who can see responses from a follow-up with a new setting. Learn more
  • We introduced a template for Team Health Checks around COVID-19, 6 key questions to help you understand who needs attention. Questions were designed by a medical advisor. DailyBot doesn't replace a doctor, and you should be aware about privacy: whether you want to send those reports to channels or not
  • We launched new follow-up templates available for all plans. Now you have templates for retrospectives, meeting prep, sprint health check or check-in, weekly executive
  • Introduced Rich Text Format support for Microsoft Teams responses, supported both in Bot reports and in the web dashboard reports


  • Multi-domain support for Google Suite organizations that have several domain names (or aliases). If you need support to add this compatibility to your account please contact us
  • G-Suite / Hangouts Chat users now have a much better user invitation process, we introduced a unique link to allow teammates to sign up easily and the process is better explained now
  • We introduced new templates to our catalog
  • Added better support and improved the way DailyBot works in Slack shared channels
  • Launched some special content to help regarding the COVID-19 situation
  • DailyBot's chatbot will be sharing mental health tips, hygiene good practices and other tips to help prevent the COVID-19 spread. This temporary feature will be enabled until we overcome this situation
  • The billing process has been improved, now you can change licenses, activate/deactivate users and you'll be charged per batch
  • We made the auto-join feature more solid and solved some issues related to validation


  • Slack Guest Accounts (single-channel or multi-channel) are supported!
  • Blockers will not be showing in the Dashboard daily report view, this behavior happens if you turn OFF showing critical/blockers in the web/bot reports (from template management).
  • Users on time-off/vacation won't get be mentioned in the reports


  • Good news for Slack users! Now you can edit any Follow-Up response, as editing any Slack message, and the report will be updated in real-time in any channel or thread it was already shared! — a similar workaround will come later to Hangouts and Microsoft Teams
  • New version of Question Templates
  • Follow-Ups now support any user-selected Question Template
  • Added support to more kinds of frequencies in the Follow-Ups: weekly, bi-weekly, every 4 weeks
  • Our new approach lets you setup as many follow-up initiatives as you need for any given team
  • Now you can submit separate reports per each follow-up. There is a way to turn it ON/OFF a setting that helps you re-use the same reply in case you're member of several Follow-Ups that share the same questions
  • Now you can type cancel as a response to any Follow-Up question, that will cancel that update so you can start over
  • The bot supports new commands: settings gives you quick info of your own configuration, and, news gives you announcements and a link to this page
  • Our Legal team crafted a new and improved version of DPA to sign with our business/enterprise customers


  • Faster search of Slack channels, now supporting very big organizations that have thousands of channels with a high performant solution
  • Interactive components for faster replies (Slack supports quick replies with shortcuts/buttons)
  • Improved FAQ and help command
  • Early-version of our Skills directory in our website
  • Launched self-service subscriptions, we keep a free plan and then new paid plans with enhanced features and unlimited options


  • A bunch of major and minor updates :)
  • We just started maintaining our release notes on December 2019

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