Agile toolkit for modern teams

DailyBot gives you all you need to support Agile flows from the chat.

What is a solution kit?

It's a group of essential tools for a specific use case that works in your chat platform.
The tools contain basic workflows that make your team's day-to-day work much easier.

How can I take advantage of kits with my team?

You'll have a strong foundation for automating new processes in chat by adopting all of the tools or workflows suggested. So we recommend using the complete solution kit.

Can I do more with DailyBot?

Solution Kits are just the beginning. They contain in-chat essentials for different cases, but DailyBot provides a lot more. A good next step is adding more workflows like these.

Explore the tools in this kit

🧍The daily standup

DailyBot standups are an investment in efficiency and productivity. With our unique asynchronous format, standups can be completed much faster than the average meeting while still having an impact, making them the ideal way to get feedback on blockers and align your team.
Set up asynchronous daily standups ->

Sprint health checks 🏥

Your agile project teams are always looking to improve the way they work together. This check-in template is a specialized self- assessment tool that creates a quick, visual snapshot of how you and your team work, so you can make changes to improve your team’s performance.
Run health checks to improve outcomes ->

📋 Iteration reviews

Use this simple template to showcase the work of the team. Iteration reviews are a forum for demonstrating new or refined product features, communicating progress, and gathering feedback from the project stakeholders. 

Get feedback on what's working well in the iteration, and where issues exist. This will improve quality and ensure alignment with business goals.
Automate iteration reviews in your chat ->

Agile retrospective ✍️

Retrospectives help the team understand what worked well–and what didn't. 

Use these check-ins in your chat to see what's working and what's not so you can continue to focus on the things that are working and make changes in areas that aren't.
Run in-chat retrospectives ->

The chat assistant that simplifies your daily work ☀️

DailyBot is omnipresent: it works with different chat platforms, and it integrates with a myriad of tools to help you automate the workflows you're running manually today. Start with our solution kits or:

Create your own templates to automate daily operations specific to your company.

Connect DailyBot to GitHub, ClickUp, JIRA, or over 5,000 apps via Zapier to centralize insights in chat.

Use our public APIs and webhooks to push useful data across applications.
Learn how it's being used by other teams ->
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