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What is a solution kit?

It's a group of essential tools for a specific use case that works in your chat platform.
The tools contain basic workflows that make your team's day-to-day work much easier.

How can I take advantage of kits with my team?

You'll have a strong foundation for automating new processes in chat by adopting all of the tools or workflows suggested. So we recommend using the complete solution kit.

Can I do more with DailyBot?

Solution Kits are just the beginning. They contain in-chat essentials for different cases, but DailyBot provides a lot more. A good next step is adding more workflows like these.

Explore the tools in this kit

📈 Regularly measure your performance, carry out experiments, and follow up on tasks

Find out what’s working, what’s not, and use that information to improve your business.

Use data from our marketing automated check-ins to drive growth by measuring performance, carrying out experiments, and following up on tasks regularly—even when you’re running behind schedule or under pressure.
Automate your marketing essential checks ->

Bi-weekly marketing paid advertising report 📊

This check-in gives you an automated report on the results of paid advertising campaigns your team runs for your clients. 

It includes: ads and landing pages you’ve used for each paying customer, performance metrics like the cost per click and conversion rate for each ad, issues identified, and a section for requesting help from customers.
Log your next advertising campaign ->

💵 Forms for extra work & rush fees

If a client requests that a job be completed in a shorter timeframe than your team has agreed on, this is the right form for you.

Teams can use this public form to manage rush fees, extra work, and overspend. The form can be used to track pending projects and ensure they do not exceed their budgets.
Set up this form for your next clients ->

Forms for out-of-scope work 📝

This public form will allow your clients to request any services that are out of scope for the project.
Set up this form for new clients ->

The chat assistant that simplifies your daily work ☀️

DailyBot is omnipresent – it works in all major work chat platforms: Slack, MS Teams, Google Chat and Discord, and it integrates with a myriad of tools to help you automate the workflows you're running manually today. Start with our solution kit or:

Create your own templates to automate other daily operations specific to your company.

Connect DailyBot to GitHub, ClickUp, JIRA, or over 5,000 apps via Zapier to centralize app insights in chat.

Use our public APIs and webhooks to push or manage useful data across apps.
Learn how it's being used by other teams ->
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