Workflow API Trigger

Send any JSON event to DailyBot, to then start a DailyBot workflow such as dispatching a message to users, channels or teams, or triggering a custom code DailyBot function, etc.

Some DailyBot plans include support for Workflows. With DailyBot workflows you can build and deploy fantastic use cases on top of DailyBot, all of them deeply integrated with your chat and with the DailyBot tools. DailyBot workflows can work on top of any of our supported chat integrations and are built to help you have more options to customize what you can do with DailyBot.

Some examples of what you can do with workflows

  • Broadcast custom events from your system as DailyBot notifications in channels, DMs, or emails.
  • Once a check-in is completed, send a message via chat to a manager, or send an email to third party.
  • Once a form response is given, take the response and broadcast via chatbot DMs to one or many users all at once.
  • Once a meeting finished, dispatch an event to DailyBot, then DailyBot can trigger a check-in or form to survey a participant.
  • Send an event from your backoffice system to DailyBot, and have a logic in DailyBot where depending on the type of event you dispatch the notification to one channel, or to specific users. Example: new payments go to #revenue, new support requests go to #support.

Using the workflow trigger API

  1. Go to DailyBot Settings > Integrations
  2. Click Workflow Trigger
  3. Copy the unique URL for workflow triggering
  4. Use this URL to send POST requests with any event payload
  5. Create a workflow in DailyBot that is triggered based on one of this events

The POST request

The payload to your URL must be application/json - it can include any JSON you want, although there are two params that are required:

  • event_type: string, any custom string that allows you to identify this event in DailyBot when creating the workflow, i.e.: "log_revenue"
  • secret: string, optional, use this if you want to add an extra signature check. You'll have to configure this secret on the DailyBot workflow. If the secret does not match, the workflow will not be triggered.

The service will respond with HTTP 200 if everything is fine. Notice that if event_type or secret do not match with your DailyBot workflow, no workflow is triggered but the service will still respond with HTTP 200.

DailyBot does not store these events, they are only processed at the moment of deciding which workflow to trigger and then they are discarded.

Create the workflow

As an admin, you can access the ChatOps feature on DailyBot's web application. Then find the tab "Workflows" on the top of the screen. You can create workflows from there by following the steps. To trigger this workflow with this API, make sure you select "API Trigger".

Beta version

This integration is currently in Beta mode, if you want to try it out, please contact us.

Need support?

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