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A collection of productivity tools that work seamlessly together to help you work collaboratively.

What is a solution kit?

It's a group of essential tools for a specific use case that works in your chat platform.
The tools contain basic workflows that make your team's day-to-day work much easier.

How can I take advantage of kits with my team?

You'll have a strong foundation for automating new processes in chat by adopting all of the tools or workflows suggested. So we recommend using the complete solution kit.

Can I do more with DailyBot?

Solution Kits are just the beginning. They contain in-chat essentials for different cases, but DailyBot provides a lot more. A good next step is adding more workflows like these.

Explore the tools in this kit

The team motivation check 💪

Asking the right feedback questions regularly is a guaranteed way of staying in touch with the changes affecting your company. 

Using DailyBot’s automated team motivation check, your employees’ answers will provide insight into what is impacting your team and help start conversations that develop into positive actions.
Try the team motivation check ->

💚 Mental health and wellbeing check

Incorporating mental health into your workplace

Regularly check on the integral performance and wellbeing of your team to build trust and accountability. 

Using check-ins like this can help you understand your team members in greater depth, which can better facilitate coaching and development.
Track your team's mental wellbeing ->

Onboarding surveys 🪂

Asking new starters in your organization to complete an onboarding survey is a great way to gather anonymous data from new hires, so you can optimize their experience, and also build a more robust onboarding process for the ones yet to come.
Set up your first onboarding survey ->

😊 Team mood tracking

Get a sense of how your team’s feeling regularly with a simple question every week. Their response is shared anonymously using our in-chat poll, which allows managers to understand and respond to their team’s mood.

This mood tracker is great to initiate conversations and build empathy between leaders and the team, leading to better communication and increased trust.
Set up your first mood tracker ->

Kudos and team recognition 👏

A Kudos program is an investment in your employees’ well-being and motivation.

When your company focuses on recognition, it boosts employee engagement, improves retention and increases productivity — leaving you with a better performing workforce overall. DailyBot comes with built-in tools to give kudos, manage leaderboards, and implement company values, all from the chat.
Send kudos to a teammate ->

☕ Social coffees

A virtual coffee break is a great way to build camaraderie with your remote team and create energy around the office. 

Our virtual coffees include ice breakers for planning and leading your next virtual meeting, bringing a little homemade fun by incorporating DailyBot into your upcoming virtual breaks. 😄
Start a virtual coffee program ->

Birthday poppers 🎉

Use DailyBot’s workplace birthday reminders to keep your team in-the-know when birthdays roll around. 

This command is an easy way to remember to wish people a happy birthday with automatic reminders that are discreetly sent as a private message just in time to get that bday card ready.
Set up birthday reminders ->

🥤 Water cooler conversations

In a virtual water cooler, you can have the same kind of conversations you would have around a physical office’s dispenser. With this simple tool, it is now possible to replicate the rand0mness—whoops!—of what happens at the water coolers, only in a digital format.
Install a water cooler in your chat ->

The chat assistant that simplifies your daily work ☀️

DailyBot is omnipresent: it works with different chat platforms, and it integrates with a myriad of tools to help you automate the workflows you're running manually today. Start with our solution kits or:

Create your own templates to automate daily operations specific to your company.

Connect DailyBot to GitHub, ClickUp, JIRA, or over 5,000 apps via Zapier to centralize insights in chat.

Use our public APIs and webhooks to push useful data across applications.
Learn how it's being used by other teams ->
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