Team onboarding tools from the chat

Provide the ultimate onboarding process with easy-to-use chat flows.

What is a solution kit?

It's a group of essential tools for a specific use case that works in your chat platform.
The tools contain basic workflows that make your team's day-to-day work much easier.

How can I take advantage of kits with my team?

You'll have a strong foundation for automating new processes in chat by adopting all of the tools or workflows suggested. So we recommend using the complete solution kit.

Can I do more with DailyBot?

Solution Kits are just the beginning. They contain in-chat essentials for different cases, but DailyBot provides a lot more. A good next step is adding more workflows like these.

Explore the tools in this kit

Onboarding surveys 📁

DailyBot’s onboarding survey is an efficient way to gather anonymous data from new hires so that you can optimize their experience, as well as build a more robust onboarding process for those yet to come.
Implement in-chat onboarding surveys ->

🤝 Introducing yourself

This in-chat form will let newcomers introduce themselves to your company and begin building relationships with other members. By giving this access to all new employees, we can ensure that they start their time at work off on the right foot.
Automate first-day introductions ->

Kudos and team recognition 👏

Take the guesswork out of employee recognition with Kudos, an easy-to-use in-chat tool for recognizing your employees’ hard work. 

Build a culture where employees are motivated, engaged, and ultimately more productive. All from the chat you already use.
Start a culture of recognition with Kudos ->

📄 Internal documentation

This in-chat form can help search the company wiki when you need to find information on demand.

You can use it as public bookmarks: accessible to everyone, and with the convenience of being integrated into your chat.
Create a shortcut for important docs ->

The chat assistant that simplifies your daily work ☀️

DailyBot is omnipresent – it works in all major work chat platforms: Slack, MS Teams, Google Chat and Discord, and it integrates with a myriad of tools to help you automate the workflows you're running manually today. Start with our solution kit or:

Create your own templates to automate other daily operations specific to your company.

Connect DailyBot to GitHub, ClickUp, JIRA, or over 5,000 apps via Zapier to centralize app insights in chat.

Use our public APIs and webhooks to push or manage useful data across apps.
Learn how it's being used by other teams ->