Automate daily workflows that run in your chat

Get direct access to the information and resources you need by setting up workflows and shortcuts for your chat.

Automate daily processes using no-code

Chat Shortcuts

They're like "Bookmarks" but for the chat. Save info and retrieve it using a magic word we call "command."

Keep the information you always need handy using shortcuts for your chat.

No-code Automation Builder

Use a step-by-step workflow builder to bring your org's data to life. As fast as automating via Zapier or IFTTT.

Trigger automations based on things that happen in your company. Right in the chat.

Custom Commands
with Low-code

Want to see your daily sales? Want to pull up the last Bitcoin price? Want to check on the new entries from that Airtable?

You can do this easily from a single command using a little code.

Chat automation at work

Automate workflows based on things that happen in your chat

Say goodbye to manual work and let DailyBot handle the heavy lifting for you.

From triggering actions based on check-in reports or form records to integrating with external apps, Workflows will save you time and effort.

No-code automation that lives in your chat

With Workflows, you don't need to be a developer or write a single line of code.

Our intuitive, no-code workflow builder allows you to create step-by-step processes that run automatically in your chat.

Simply define the triggers and actions, and let DailyBot handle the rest. Say hello to automation without the complexity.

Open to collaboration

Define who can use it

Collaborate with your team and find ways to help each other out with commands. You can share the commands you create across your company or team.

Think you have made a cool command? Share it with your teammates and see how they can make it even better.

Run actions & fetch info through simple chat instructions

Create personalized instructions to perform specific tasks or retrieve information effortlessly.

Whether you need to run a predefined process, fetch relevant data, or execute a custom action, Custom Commands put the power in your hands.

Run commands like a CLI, but for team collaboration

Custom Commands empower you to interact with DailyBot using a CLI-like experience without any coding knowledge.

With both no-code and low-code options available, you can easily create commands tailored to your needs.

Seamlessly integrate DailyBot into your daily workflow and get things done faster.

Bound to create

A new world inside the chat

Commands don’t have to be all about work. Use them to generate fun activities for your team to enjoy, instantly pull out jokes or GIFs to add some light-hearted fun to your workday. You have endless possibilities to express your creativity.

Thousands of startups and Fortune 500 companies use DailyBot on a daily basis. Are you ready to join them?

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