Year in Review 2023


Celebrating a year of milestones. Together.

As we wrap up 2023, it's time to take a moment and reflect on the journey we've had together in DailyBot.

February 15
We started the year with the release of the Activity Log and deeper Zapier integration into DailyBot, enhancing our platform's connectivity with complementary tools.
March 7
Fast forward to March 7th, a momentous day for us. We proudly launched DailyBot+ AI, where we made accessible to you the power of generative AI and integrated it with native in-chat workflows.
March 31
As March came to a close, on the 31st, we celebrated with you another triumph. The introduction of aggregated reports with the same template on the web app.

💡 Did you know? Bigger companies prefer DailyBot because they can create separate reports across squads, then bring them together for visualization. This was a great day for teams in love with modular reporting!

June 8
June 8th marked a significant milestone in our journey towards inclusivity and growth.

On this day, we extended full support to our Portuguese-speaking users, embracing a more diverse community and guaranteeing a smooth and integrated experience for an even wider audience! 🎉
June 28
A few weeks later, on June 28th, we unveiled something special.

The introduction of our ChatGPT plugin added a new dimension to our product, serving as a powerful connector that improved your daily workflows in new platforms using data aggregated in DailyBot.
September 5
September 5th marked a pivotal moment as we entered a new phase.

The beta launch of our Partners Program opened new doors to collaboration with you, embracing the community of like-minded individuals and organizations we have around. 👏
October 31
Halloween came 🎃 — and so did the Dark side!

On Oct 31st, we officially gave support to Dark Mode for the web, offering users a visually soothing alternative that enhances comfort during extended use of our application.
November 1
Shortly after, on November 1st, we revealed two new offers: AI Consulting Services and the AI Knowledge Base, doubling down on our commitment to empower teams in their day-to-day workflows.
November 23
On the 28th, we launched our latest educational initiative focused on meeting reduction. This included a free whitepaper, filled with actionable insights, and designed to help you streamline and improve meeting efficiency within your team.
But that was not all! The end of November brought us yet another launch. 😁

On the 28th, we unveiled Meeting Navigator, an AI planner with a twist. Following swiftly on the 29th, we also introduced AI Agents, a handpicked gallery of GPTs perfect for product and tech teams. Plus, it included our 'Dream Team Builder', which effortlessly matches the ideal GPTs from the gallery to users based on their job roles.

“That's an incredible feat! It's amazing to have a tool that can make building a squad of ChatGPT assistants so easy and fast. Bravo!”

Lin Vert, Running real

December 4
And our journey doesn't stop there.

On December 4th, we took a step further with the launch of #GoodWorkVibes, a fun tool that boosts your mood with playlists and inspirational quotes before you start your workday ☀️

“It's fantastic to see a product that seamlessly blends entertainment with productivity to keep the workday fresh and engaging. With remote work on the rise and 77% of remote workers saying they're more productive with music, this might just be the tool we all need.”

Daxeel Soni, Co-founder of Viralify AI

In short, a trace of footprints
lead us here.
Ours, but also yours. Which is why we also wanted to bring receipts and show you a summary of our collective efforts — your efforts — in making this year a success.



↳ See how far we've come:

Ok, continue:





Impactful news:
⏰ 21.7M
minutes saved from stand-ups and meetings across the globe

Why is this important?
Time well invested: Our users across the globe saved a whopping 21.7 million minutes, redefining how meeting culture should be approached - async first! 🚀



Impactful news:
🌟 281,065
minutes of positive engagement!

Why is this important?
Boosting Morale: We facilitated 281,065 minutes of positive engagement through Kudos, making workplaces happier one minute at a time. 😊



Impactful news:
🕵️ Over 76K
hours invested in identifying and resolving team blockers

Why is this important?
Shows a proactive approach! We collectively invested around 76,000 hours identifying and resolving team blockers, showing our commitment to overcoming challenges head-on. 💪



Impactful news:
Winner mood: 😀
Motivation remained high!

Why is this important?
The grinning face emoji stole the show in our trend analysis for mood tracking, reflecting a year of overall positivity and vibrant teamwork across the world! 😄



Impactful news:
☕ 12,577
hours in virtual coffee breaks

Why is this important?
Strengthening Bonds: Spending 12,577 hours in virtual coffees strengthened team bonds and fostered collaboration like never before.❤️



Impactful news:
🤖 2.2M
minutes saved by AI Assistant

Why is this important?
Efficiency at its best? Our AI Assistant saved a staggering 2.2 million minutes, improving workflows and boosting productivity inside organizations.

Every minute counts!



Impactful news:
🗓️ 185+ days
saved with Shortcuts

Why is this important?
Our shortcuts saved teams worldwide approximately 185 days - time well invested in getting things done. 😌



Impactful news:
🤯 13K+
hours saved with automation

Why is this important?
Shows the raw power of Workflows: Automation saved over 13,000 hours of manual effort, proving its prowess in boosting productivity for modern teams. 💡

For this and more:
Thank you! 💙
We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to each user who contributed to these numbers. Your engagement, dedication, and collaboration have shaped DailyBot into what it is today.

And please know, it's not just about the metrics;
it's about the community we've built together. 👏

Wait. There's more. 👀
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