API Overview

October 8, 2020
Use DailyBot's API to register webhooks and more.

Navigate to: API · Webhooks · Integrations

We're introducing the first version of DailyBot's public API, it is currently limited to a small set of actions that will help you enable integrations with webhooks and external tools like Zapier.

Please mind that this is a preliminary version of our public API, the documentation is at an early stage and we'll be improving it over the time.

Full API for Enterprise

We do offer an advanced API for our Enterprise customers, if you have any integration needs, please contact us at support@dailybot.com.

How do I get an API Key?

You require the org administrator role. To get the API Key, navigate to the Organization Settings and then click "Integrations".

Click the "Generate API Key" button and then copy your key and store it in a safe place. You can create as many API Keys as you need and you can remove/revoke them at any moment.


  • An API Key in DailyBot includes both the organization and the key owner as a context. This means that certain actions that require permissions or privacy checks will consider the actual permissions of the Key owner.
  • We're currently working on our API development and our own OAuth provider system, feel free to come back to this page from time to time to see updates.
  • Learn more about webhook events.

Ideas or support
If you have any API requirement or idea, please contact us at support@dailybot.com.

Want to use DailyBot with Zapier?

Check out the steps to integrate DailyBot and Zapier.

API Reference


Our API is versioned. We recommend you to configure your base prefix including the version:



The API requires header authentication with the X-API-KEY key. These are the required headers for the proper negotiation.

   X-API-KEY       your_api_key
   Content-Type    application/json
   Accept          application/json

Methods Reference

/me/  ·  GET

Returns a JSON object with the organization name and UUID.

   "user": string(full name),
   "organization_uuid": string (UUID),
   "organization_name": string

/webhook-subscription/  ·  POST · DELETE

Allows to create or remove a webhook subscription.

POST Request Payload

   "hook_url": "https://your-hook-endpoint.com/path/",
   "subscribed_objects": [string(FollowupUUID),...],
   "subscriptions": [string(EventSubscribed),...],
   "immediate_sample_event:" boolean

The EventSubscribed is a string defining a type of event, see the type of events.
If immediate_sample_event is set as true, DailyBot will send a sample payload to that URL immediately upon the creation of this outgoing webhook.

POST Response

   "id": string(HookUUID),
   "url": string(HookURL)

DELETE Request

   DELETE /v1/webhook-subscription/{HookUUID}/

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