Integrate Bitbucket and DailyBot

Connect Bitbucket's webhooks to receive events about repository code pushes.

To connect Bitbucket, you should get your DailyBot's Bitbucket hook URL and then configure a new webhook in your Bitbucket repository.

What are the steps?

  1. Go to the Integrations page > Bitbucket, then copy your own hook URL.
  2. Go to your Bitbucket repository, and then navigate to Repository Settings > Webhooks.
  3. Add a new webhook, paste the URL just copied from DailyBot.
  4. Configure the Triggers, and select Repository (push); if you need to add other triggers that are not supported by DailyBot, please let us know.

How does DailyBot match Bitbucket users with DailyBot users?

It is recommended that all your team members configure their own Bitbucket ID or usernames on DailyBot's Bitbucket page. They should access the Integrations page > Bitbucket, and then just set their ID or username.

If the ID or username is not defined, DailyBot will try to match users based on the full name they have in DailyBot vs. the full name they have in Bitbucket. If that information does not match, the Bitbucket event will be ignored and no activity will be tracked.

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