Integrate Shortcut with DailyBot

Connect Shortcut to integrate users' project and tasks activity in the DailyBot reports.

To connect Shortcut, get your DailyBot Shortcut's hook URL and then configure a new WebHook in your Shortcut app settings using this URL. Make sure every DailyBot user and Shortcut user has the same email so the activity is properly logged to each user.

What are the steps?

  1. Go to the DailyBot Integrations page > Shortcut, then copy your own hook URL.
  2. Go to your Shortcut app, then navigate to Integrations > Webhooks.
  3. Add a new webhook, paste the URL just copied from DailyBot.
Access the main menu, then click Integrations.
On the integrations page, click webhook and then add here your DailyBot Shortcut hook URL.

How does DailyBot match Shortcut users with DailyBot users?

All the DailyBot users should have an email address that matches the Shortcut user email.

If that information does not match, the Shortcut event will be ignored and no activity will be tracked in DailyBot.

Activate the check-in activity tracking

The activity tracked can be included in any stand-up or check-in reports. Such activity will be seen in @DailyBot's chatbot reports (sent to channels or DMs) or on the web app reports.

To make sure the activity is displayed, enable the activity tracking for the check-ins where you want to have this behavior.

1. Go to the check-in settings

2. Click Sharing, and then activate the "Activity tracking" on the advanced options section

You should enable this option in every check-in where you want to see activity in the reports.

What activity is shown in the reports?

There will be a new column automatically added to the check-in responses and it will contain any activity that was logged in the period starting 24 hours previous to the check-in response, and until end of the day current response.

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