WebHooks and Events

DailyBot can deliver data to your application via WebHooks based on your organization's activity.

You can configure new outgoing web hooks by navigating to the "Integrations" tab, accessible from the main dropdown menu or as a tab when you enter the organization settings.

These Webhooks are automatically configured when you enable a Zap integration with Zapier, if you use our official Zap.

Subscribing objects

When you create an outgoing WebHook, DailyBot requires that you:

  1. Specify the URL for the hook: the endpoint that will be receiving events.
  2. Subscribe the object: this is the specific follow-up that you want to receive events from.
  3. Subscribe the events: these will be the type of events you are interested in receiving.

If you are using the web interface, you'll be prompted to input these settings. If you are using Zapier, please follow the Zapier integrations instructions.

Want to use the API? Navigate to this page for more information.

Supported Events

The following are the events you can subscribe to. Notice that these might not be all available via Zapier, however you can subscribe to those using the Web Interface or our API.

- "followups.response.completed"
- "followups.response.updated" (coming later)
- "followups.response.deleted" (coming later)
- "followups.report.ready" (coming later)

Event “followups.response.completed”

Every time a follow-up response is completed by a member, this event will be sent. It takes privacy into consideration, if the response is anonymous, you won't receive any user information, additionally, if the subscriber has no read permissions on that follow-up, then the event will not be sent.

Event “followups.response.updated”

This event is triggered every time a user modifies a response of an already created follow-up response. This event is currently not available.

Event “followups.response.deleted”

This event is triggered when a user deletes a follow-up response, i.e.: using the "daily reset" command or similar. This event is currently not available.

Event “followups.report.ready”

This event is triggered when an aggregated follow-up report is ready. A report is ready when the time limit for the report is reached. Notice that if the follow-up report did not have any responses at the time of the report, this event will not be triggered. This event is currently not available.

Need support or have feedback for us?

Please feel free to send us an email at support@dailybot.com.

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