✨ Product Updates ✨


Give kudos to your team and reward excellence! Meet the new cool DailyBot Skill.
  • Introducing Kudos! — use the chatbot or the web app to give kudos to your team, it just takes a few seconds to recognize them for their great work. Read more.
  • We shipped a few UX/UI improvements in our web application. We continue working on improving usability and you'll see some other minor (and major ;)) updates in the upcoming weeks.
  • Now you can have a chat conversation with DailyBot in private, and at the same time query reports in a chat channel or room. That's now possible thanks to a new ability that DailyBot has where it can manage multiple conversation contexts. Oh, that boy is getting smarter!
  • The Zapier integration is here! Learn more.
  • Our API integrations with Trello, JIRA, and Bitbucket are finally available for all the Standard plan users. Learn more.
  • Introducing outgoing webhooks! Learn more. This is very useful to allow you integrate data and activity happening in DailyBot with your own systems.


  • 📦 We're moving to our new domain dailybot.com, read more.
  • Stay tuned for question templates with built-in question types like multiple choice, yes/no responses and logic (if A then prompt B). This feature is being rolled out progressively.
  • Incoming webhooks support for Trello, JIRA and Bitbucket are coming soon.
  • Introducing 1 on 1 meetings for managers. When you enable these kind of check-ins, double check your follow-up privacy settings so only you see the responses.


  • 🔥 Time to ask, feature improved: you can now decide whether you want to trigger the follow-up reminders at a custom time or based on each member's timezone and their work start time setting.
Find this setting when creating or editing a follow-up.
  • Follow-up reports right in your private chat. This feature lets every team member define whether they want to get a direct message from DailyBot every time a follow-up is ready (reached the time limit).
Find it in Follow-up Skill Settings > My preferences
  • The in-channel reporting for Slack and Hangouts has been improved, it now includes a better summary and which team members reported blockers.
  • Now when you request an on demand report via chat bot using the command "daily report", you'll also get a list of members who are pending to fill out the report.
  • New very useful feature for Daily Activity Briefing and Weekly Email Digests. We're rolling it out progressively, these are available for all Standard and Enterprise plans.


  • 🔒 Security - Added Granular Scopes support for Slack Integrations (read more).
  • CSV Export Feature available for all plans, with improved performance.
  • XLSX Export Feature, allowing export of multiple follow-ups at once.
  • PDF reports available, this feature is unlimited for Standard and Enterprise plans. Free and Basic plans have limits in terms of number of responses.
  • Improved process for in-chat user onboarding for Google Chat users.
  • Google Chat users can now use quick actions (buttons) to start, snooze or skip a daily.
  • Improved the Follow-ups Aggregated Report for Google Chat users.
  • Microsoft Teams invitation processes improved, introduced minor fixes to the mechanism DailyBot uses to fetch potential members to invite from MS Teams APIs.
  • Question Templates now allow you to configure introductory messages (intros) and thank you or final notes (get started).
  • All the default Question Templates are now supported in Spanish.
  • Performance improvements, queries and reports are much faster now.


  • Now available in Microsoft Teams!
  • Anonymous Responses are now available, you can enable this feature on any follow-up. Learn more.
  • Introduced better Privacy Settings, now you can define who can see responses from a follow-up with a new setting. Learn more.
  • We introduced a template for Team Health Checks around COVID-19, 6 key questions to help you understand who needs attention. Questions were designed by a medical advisor. DailyBot doesn't replace a doctor, and you should be aware about privacy: whether you want to send those reports to channels or not.
  • We launched new follow-up templates available for all plans. Now you have templates for retrospectives, meeting prep, sprint health check or check-in, weekly executive.
  • Introduced Rich Text Format support for Microsoft Teams responses, supported both in Bot reports and in the web dashboard reports.


  • Multi-domain support for Google Suite organizations that have several domain names (or aliases). If you need support to add this compatibility to your account please contact us.
  • G-Suite / Hangouts Chat users now have a much better user invitation process, we introduced a unique link to allow teammates to sign up easily and the process is better explained now.
  • We introduced new templates to our catalog.
  • Added better support and improved the way DailyBot works in Slack shared channels.
  • Launched a special content to help regarding the COVID-19 situation.
  • DailyBot's chatbot will be sharing mental health tips, hygiene good practices and other tips to help prevent the COVID-19 spread. This temporary feature will be enabled until we overcome this situation.
  • The billing process has been improved, now you can change licenses, activate/deactivate users and you'll be charged per batch.
  • We made the auto-join feature more solid and solved some issues related to validation.


  • Slack Guest Accounts (single-channel or multi-channel) are supported!
  • Blockers will not be showing in the Dashboard daily report view, this behavior happens if you turn OFF showing critical/blockers in the web/bot reports (from template management).
  • Users on time-off/vacation won't get be mentioned in the reports.


  • Good news for Slack users! Now you can edit any Follow-Up response, as editing any Slack message, and the report will be updated in real-time in any channel or thread it was already shared! — a similar workaround will come later to Hangouts and Microsoft Teams.
  • New version of Question Templates
  • Follow-Ups now support any user-selected Question Template
  • Added support to more kinds of frequencies in the Follow-Ups: weekly, bi-weekly, every 4 weeks
  • Our new approach lets you setup as many follow-up initiatives as you need for any given team
  • Now you can submit separate reports per each follow-up. There is a way to turn it ON/OFF a setting that helps you re-use the same reply in case you're member of several Follow-Ups that share the same questions
  • Now you can type cancel as a response to any Follow-Up question, that will cancel that update so you can start over
  • The bot supports new commands: settings gives you quick info of your own configuration, and, news gives you announcements and a link to this page
  • Our Legal team crafted a new and improved version of DPA to sign with our business/enterprise customers


  • Faster search of Slack channels, now supporting very big organizations that have thousands of channels with a high performant solution
  • Interactive components for faster replies (Slack supports quick replies with shortcuts/buttons)
  • Improved FAQ and help command
  • Early-version of our Skills directory in our website
  • Launched self-service subscriptions, we keep a free plan and then new paid plans with enhanced features and unlimited options


  • A bunch of major and minor updates :)
  • We just started maintaining our release notes on December/2019.

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