Mental health check-ins for remote teams

Understand your remote team's mental health and promote healthy habits.

Team mood tracking and mental health

Let DailyBot do its part 💙

DailyBot checks your team mood with a simple and anonymous tracking system. Use the web app to see a chart and trends.

We worked with doctors to design mental health check-ins to let you understand how your team feels and see if someone needs a bit more of help.

Deep work

Give your team peace of mind

DailyBot builds a culture of not-too-many meetings and helps you understand what's happening on a day to day basis without causing distractions to your team.

Employees spend up to 30 hours per month in meetings, many of those are unnecessary and can be a written update on DailyBot.

Teams using DailyBot feel more productive and happier by having less meetings.

Smile with icebreakers

Build stronger and happier teams

DailyBot improves team bonds by integrating icebreakers that help the team know better with each other.

Configure your own questions and smile when people share anecdotes, curiosities, hobbies and fun facts of what happened during their weekend.

This bot is friendly and spreads good vibes.


Take a deep breath and analyze

Self-reflection is the corner stone for Continuous Improvement.

DailyBot facilitates in-chat retrospective meetings to help teams do introspective analysis and team analysis. Get written notes about key improvements, behaviors that should be stopped and next steps.

Configure the periodic retrospectives and get automated reports when they happen.

Promoting healthy habits

Periodic Covid-19 check-ins

We worked with doctors and designed a 6 question survey for Covid-19. You can run this check-ins regularly with DailyBot's automation to get information about how every person is feeling and whether someone needs attention.

Strong privacy and anonymous if needed

You can define the privacy levels and decide who can see and analyze the responses/reports provided by the team. For example, you can run Ice Breaker surveys every Monday and post them into your chat channels.

Mental health checks

We designed a 4 question periodic follow-up with the help professional doctors, these questions let you understand how is your team feeling and who might need some help, additionally you can benefit from DailyBot's automatic weekly tracking of motivation.

Good hygiene practices tips

Once you complete a task report with DailyBot everyday, you'll get a hint or tip around the best practices for hygiene.

Customize. Integrate.

Express your creativity

With strong security and privacy

It's DailyBot the one that adapts to you. Create workflow automations with your own custom question templates.

Connect more than 2,000 apps with Zapier to process your responses in other tools.

Define shortcut commands so your team saves time.

Thousands of startups and Fortune 500 companies use DailyBot to improve collaboration and make their remote work better.

Take DailyBot further

Product and Engineering

DailyBot includes built-in templates to help you build an Agile, transparent and focused organization.

Kudos and recognition

Improve your team culture with continuous recognition. Celebrate wins with Kudos.

Mood tracking

DailyBot checks how the team is feeling and gives you insights using a simple system.
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