Celebrate wins and motivate the squad

Give positive feedback and align team+culture with Kudos.
Get a leaderboard, create fun activities and give rewards.

In-chat Kudos and positive feedback

The Kudos Skill is 100% integrated in your chat and web experiences, where you can give kudos, browse all the positive feedback and review the leaderboard.

Engage and motivate your team with Kudos

Let your team know how much you appreciate their ideas and initiatives.

@DailyBot kudos to @Mary or @DailyBot @John ++

Give recognition from any of your chat channels with simple shortcuts.

Automated reminders to give Kudos plus weekly wrap-ups

Send reminders and encouraging weekly reports with positive feedback.

See how it works

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Company values

Make someone's day

Kudos helps you create a team culture of continuous recognition and positive feedback which leads to higher motivation.

Give kudos easily from the chat or web app and use company values to help your team align with the big picture.

A simple leaderboard

Use it to set your own rewards

Use the "kudos top" command and get an in-chat leaderboard report, or view it on the web. Create team dynamics around it.

The leaderboard is optional and you can configure the visibility.

Analytics and mood tracking

Evaluate trends and collaboration

Each team member can see a timeline and history of kudos they have received.

As a manager you can combine Kudos with the Mood Tracking Skill and other automated check-ins to get even more insights and trends.

Thousands of teams use DailyBot and Kudos for team culture improvement and continuous recognition

Improve team's morale, see the benefits

Without Kudos

Employees don't know how meaningful their work is
No clear method for giving recognition or positive feedback
Seeing employee impact based on team feedback is difficult

With Kudos

Teammates feel motivated because they get recognition and feedback
A simple to use flow for giving recognition and for celebrating wins
Leadearboard and tools that facilitate giving rewards

Get to know your team's mood

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