with conditional logic

Advanced flow control

Show specific questions

Jump between check-ins

Show personalized content

Reduce friction, gather more targeted data, and optimize your reporting efforts
to improve the overall check-in filling experience for your team.

Advanced flow control
for every check-in report

Make sure to only gather the most valuable insights
by customizing your team reporting experience.

Skip questions based
on answers

Use this logic to keep questions in context, even while following different threads of communication.

Jump to different

Use this logic to jump from one check-in to another if you need to collect data for different stakeholders or workflows.

Trigger forms for additional info

Use this logic to trigger forms asking for additional data related to the original check-in.

Use multiple choice questions to
add logic

Add multiple-choice questions to your check-ins to easily focus your team's attention in a specific set of answers.

Then build advanced reporting flows with the help of conditional logic that answer
Add logic to reports ->

Add rules to control the flow of questions

Rules make sure that DailyBot adds logic to your check-in based on specific triggers.

Rules may include answers being equal to something, beginning or ending with certain words, or even responses containing certain words.
Try conditional logic on Check-ins ->

Get Conditional Logic
with any paid plan

If this → then that

Based on the rules you select, DailyBot will keep an eye on your team's responses and enforce the conditions of your logic.

✽ If the response matches what you want: do this
✽ If not, do that instead!
Set up your own conditional flow ->

Keep reports personal and valuable

Use conditional logic to direct conversations where each user needs it to go.

You no longer need to build different reports to satisfy the different needs of your team. Build one check-in with conditional questions and make sure each report with personal and valuable.
Use conditional logic in a report ->

Startups and Fortune 500 companies use DailyBot for Agile Development

Without Conditional Logic

You may end up collecting unnecessary or irrelevant data, which can be a waste of time for both you and the user.
If a check-in is long and asks for information that is not relevant to the user, they may become frustrated and abandon the check-in.
Reports are overall a less personalized and intuitive experience. As such, it's less likely to keep users engaged.

With Conditional Logic

Collect only the data that is relevant to the user, which can help you gather more accurate and valuable information.
Reduce the number of questions that a user needs to fill out, which can save them time and improve the check-in filling experience.
Create a more intuitive and engaging check-in that is more likely to keep users engaged.

Automated standups and team check-ins in chat

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