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DailyBot is the ultimate ally in your team's journey towards high productivity. It stands by during daily stand-ups, async reporting, progress tracking, and every pivotal moment that shapes your team's day.

DailyBot takes a snapshot of your team's day-to-day

DailyBot excels in steering your team's daily journey with async reporting and daily stand-ups, seamlessly integrating with tools like Trello, GitHub, JIRA, etc., to offer a real-time snapshot of team performance and progress. It ensures that every team member is aligned and moving forward together.


Automate daily stand-ups and progress reports within your chat

Blockers Detection

Identify and address team impediments in real-time efficiently

DailyBot collects feedback for better group decisions

DailyBot collects and synthesizes feedback and insights through async reporting. From quick polls to detailed surveys, it ensures that every voice is heard and every piece of data is accounted for, making team perspectives invaluable to decision-making.


Easily create and distribute surveys or polls for instant feedback

Approval Flows

Simplify decision-making with automated request and approval processes in chat

Trusted by leading companies and backed by Y Combinator

DailyBot is a YC S21 company

DailyBot promotes spaces for team recognition

DailyBot not only facilitates daily stand-ups to keep everyone informed and engaged. It encourages a culture of transparency and continuous improvement, celebrating milestones and recognizing efforts in a supportive environment.


Foster a positive culture by recognizing and celebrating team achievements

Birthday Poppers

Automate birthday celebrations to enhance team morale and bonding

DailyBot automates tasks to give you more time & focus

DailyBot maintains performance tracking workflows. It automates the mundane, allowing you to focus on strategic decisions and creative thinking. It protects your team's productivity and efficiency with every workflow run.


Simplify complex tasks with customizable, automated chat-based workflows


Execute tasks and retrieve information with simple chat commands

DailyBot protects team building when async

DailyBot captures and preserves the essence of team building. It facilitates virtual coffees and 1:1 matches, ensuring that every team member's contributions and interactions are recognized and valued, making teamwork stronger.

Virtual Coffees

Randomly pair team members to encourage informal chats and bonding

Watercooler Convos

Spark casual, engaging team conversations for stronger bonds

We're building a wall of Excellence

Score based on 34 reviews

User in Information Technology and Services


Es un Software intuitivo, fácil de usar, con características que funcionan a la perfección en los equipos de trabajos.

User in Human Resources

A good tool for the daily work!

Dailybot it's a lot helpful when it's about keeping track of meetings, dailys and even feedbacks, such as kudos!

User in Food & Beverages

Great tool!

It's great for keeping track of daily activities, sharing references with the team, keep track of team motivation, among other uses. I love it that it can be adapted for your particular needs.

Crystal P.

Great tool for any business, especially those with remote staff. Easy integration and easy to use.

It was easy to set up and it's easy to use. It's a great way to "huddle" with my team every day and see where we are at with projects and daily tasks. I love the templates (+)

Ready to transform your team's day?

Embrace DailyBot 🤖

With DailyBot, engage your team in meaningful conversations and workflows that highlight every significant moment of your day-to-day operations.

Say goodbye to the hassle of adopting new tools for every workflow automation need. DailyBot encourages exploration and innovation, allowing you to learn it once and then build upon it indefinitely.
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