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How to Give Kudos to Your Remote Teams and Create a Kudos Culture

Published on
April 25, 2024
Phoenix Baker
Product Manager
Lana Steiner
Product Designer
Drew Cano
Frontend Engineer
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Employee recognition is arguably one of the most misunderstood terms today. Some argue it has nothing to do with productivity, while others find it essential to increase teamwork and keep employees happy and engaged.

The bottom line? Engaged employees are 20% more productive. Workers who are engaged show involvement not only because they are getting paid, but because they truly believe in their team and company. So what is the best way to recognize team members?

Let’s say you are the founder of an incredible startup, and you happen to work with highly talented people from around the world. The team is developing a high-end, ground-breaking product in different stages, and each stage represents endless meetings and interactions. Even though everyone believes in your idea, the team is mentally drained. How do you keep the energy up? By giving kudos!

Employee kudos are highly effective on people’s motivation as it makes them feel appreciated and noticed individually. So how can you build a kudos culture?

3 ways to give kudos to the team

Make a Kudos Leaderboard

Why give one kudos when you can give 37! Isn't that edgy? Think about it as a reward program, where you reward your team with kudos depending on the actions they’ve taken. This is a highly encouraging practice to boost motivation and hard work.

Give kudos easily from the chat or web app and use company values to help your team align with the big picture. Learn how we do it at DaillyBot.

Recognize exceptional achievements

Demo Day is here, and the product has a small bug (hey, it happens!). One of the team members fixed it in record time, and everyone was impressed with the presentation and the product. Give kudos to that team member publicly and highly about how important it was for the company to have the bug fixed in time.

Looking for more cool ideas about remote management? Here is the ultimate guide to managing remote teams efficiently.

Recognize small achievements too

In one way or another, the team “saves the day” on a daily basis by keeping the company going and the clients happy. Imagine someone found a way to automate a manual process. Recognizing that small win will boost that person’s confidence and encourage not only them but the whole team to do better.

Take small wins as an opportunity to reinforce individual qualities and create a company culture. Not to mention it’s free!

Use DailyBot to automate kudos within your company in a few easy steps! See how it works.

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