Upgraded educational resources (and a peek into what’s next) 👀

Published on
April 25, 2024
Phoenix Baker
Product Manager
Lana Steiner
Product Designer
Drew Cano
Frontend Engineer
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Teams at DailyBot use our platform every day to gain momentum and focus time by carefully selecting which meetings to participate and which ones to automate. The (in)famous daily standup meeting (or “daily scrum”) is one of our most sought-out automations. But as the days and weeks progress, teams eventually realize that there are more sources of distractions and start to explore how to get rid of other time-consuming practices.

Here’s where DailyBot shines. It not only provides easy-to-use automations for the most popular meetings through convenient templates, it’s also massively extensible for time-adjacent practices.

  • Need more focus time? Use the pomodoro command and get a dedicated slot for deep work.
  • Want to take some time to briefly celebrate other teammate’s milestones? Send them a Kudos card with a personalized message!

But this is just the beginning of DailyBot’s power. With a workflow builder custom-built for the big and small moments of your work life, there are many use cases you can automate once and enjoy forever.

The next chapter of educational resources are the foundation where we’ll prepare and curate all the valuable content you need to take full advantage of our tools. So, how are they structure?

Introducing DailyBot Academy 😌

DailyBot Academy is designed to be the evolution of Guides (RIP). An open library with free resources on chat automation, workflow optimization, and tool usage purposely built to help modern teams make the most of their precious time. Today, it starts with:

  • 🥇 A curation of best practices for remote or distributed teams
  • 🦮 Refreshed guides on how to get started with the building blocks at DailyBot
  • 📹 Accompanying videography on selected guides for the visual learners 🤙

But there’s more on our plate! Soon we’ll be using our expertise on chat automation & workflow optimization to launch a series of free courses for different types of teams. If you’d like to see any topic or best practice prioritized, just let us know in our server or other community channels.

Discover DailyBot Academy →

An ever-expanding Support Center 😮

DailyBot Support Center is (or should be) your first destination for all the quick questions you may have about our platform. Well, as useful as it might be, it wasn’t catered for all of our users natively… until now!

We’re officially launching support for Spanish and Portuguese today! ✨

Perceptive users may have noticed new sections in the Support Center’s homepage called “En Español” and “Em Português” where we hand-selected the most important questions in our audience for priority translations.

As more time passes and we receive your feedback, we’ll be adding new content specific to both audiences.

But wait, English-speaking teams get their share, too! 😄 We expanded the number of articles dedicated to new features as well as refreshed critical content to make the Support Center a more well-rounded place.

Discover the Support Center →

DailyBot settles in planet YouTube 🏳️

The Support Center wasn’t the only resource that got a fresh coat of painting. Our YouTube channel (@DailyBot) got an improved format, too, as well as updated content on our most popular topics.

This will serve as the groundwork for higher-quality, more in-depth content that can serve both our users and the general public.

Discover @DailyBot in YouTube →

Our purpose? Disseminate valuable information that can help teams across the world free up more time from busywork to do what they do best. Our commitment to great teams and organizations does not waver, and we hope this is only a milestone in the path towards that freedom. Til the next time! 👏

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