A team at Síclo avoids spinning their wheels in endless meetings with DailyBot

Síclo started in 2015 with a clear mission: To help people become the best version of themselves. Fast track to 2022 and you can see they’ve taken this message to heart. With studio locations across Mexico, Peru, and Spain, Síclo has become an undeniable leader in the fitness world.

Who they are

Síclo is a fitness and wellness company based in Mexico City. They started as an indoor cycling fitness studio, and have developed to a technology and wellness company. Síclo created the "biSí",  bicycles that are delivered to their clients’ homes; they also created a mobile app where they sell subscription access to their multiple services.

Síclo has a growing team of engineers, designers, product people, and trainers that use agile processes to develop new features for their customers so they can find new ways to improve the experience of exercising anywhere.

At its core, Síclo offers high-quality fitness classes including indoor cycling, boxing, yoga, barre and more to over 100,000 people, but their efforts are far more encompassing. Their disruptive nature comes from their aim of making fitness radically different from what’s on the market (and overall more fun), releasing new classes every day for all sorts of cases including beach classes, bootcamps, and even DJ/fitness sessions.

Why they were looking for a solution

A highly disruptive team needs disruptive tools to keep up. Ivan knew this when he ran into the problem of scaling his team’s cross-functional standup meetings at Síclo. Ivan is the current Head of Engineering, and in his daily tasks he needs to be available for any challenges. As a tech-based startup that offers a variety of products and services, cross-collaboration is unavoidable.

After a while, the Síclo team began to feel like they were spinning their wheels: standups were becoming more and more draining, and not an efficient way to get updates in the first place. Keep in mind that they were growing fast — they had gone from a small team of 5 to 20 people. They needed a new approach to daily standups.

The team knew that the traditional meeting format wasn’t working for them anymore when information was taking more than 30 minutes to update on-the-go tasks, blockers, and goals, even though it should have been easier for everyone involved!

What they did to alleviate the problem

To combat the growing number of meetings, the Síclo team implemented a few strategies to keep them under control. These included standups and kudos, with DailyBot doing the heavy lifting to help keep everyone accountable.

The dailies they were already holding seemed to be helping somewhat but Síclo wanted more transparency between teams who were working closely together. Given Ivan’s familiarity with the tool from a previous job, they decided to try DailyBot’s chatbot to automate the process of daily updates and make it easier for everyone on their team to stay accountable and know what was going on, without having a daily meeting or ping via Slack all the time.

How DailyBot worked for them

DailyBot offered the flexibility Síclo was looking for. With the ability to customize check-in questions, schedule meetings, and give kudos to teammates, they were able to find the right solution for their team — all while saving time.

DailyBot makes it easy for you to keep things moving and hold people accountable, within the context of your unique team.

DailyBot comes with automated check-ins where your team can quickly report on their progress. It provides the benefits of regular standups, but with a modern digital workflow that works for remote and distributed teams.

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