Movere AI uses DailyBot to nurture the quality of their teamwork

Movere AI
(formerly DropAlley) had its start in 2020 when Steven Valdez and Willis Lam were working on a solution for streetwear releases but, after extensive research and interviews, found an urgent market need in the entire product release space.

The idea of Movere AI was then expanded to a tool that helps companies of all kinds to maintain momentum, and run effective product campaigns, before or after release, and that’s the main focus of the platform today.

The platform, which is still in stealth mode as of the date of this publication, is designed with the entire sale cycle in mind, including four different hubs or product divisions that target the different stages of the sale cycle of all kinds of products. As a matter of fact, Movere AI was developed product-agnostic, meaning that teams from completely different industries can take advantage of their platform to completely orchestrate momentum for their product release campaigns in their “before, during, and after” stages.

The first hub (release) focuses on simplifying the planning of your release, in things like prototyping campaigns or budgeting. Then, there’s the product hub, where you take advantage of the demand of your campaign to fuel the fire with extended, on-demand offers and any new tricks under your sleeve.

The after stage of your campaigns is primarily covered by the promotion hub, a space that demystifies customer acquisition by giving brands and marketers real-time data to inform their decision-making. The complementary hub, or data studio, magnifies opportunities around product release. Its goal is to forecast opportunities as they happen, visualize insights, and add value to your future or current campaigns.

Data-intensive sections like the promotion or the data studio hubs rely on AI to embed valuable insights for its users.

The right tool makes any job infinitely easier

Steven went on to search for a viable solution as their current project management tooling wasn’t satisfying their collaboration demands. As a global team with a presence in diverse places like the Philippines, Ukraine, India, and the US, they needed a tool that could fit into their workflow and function well for at least four different time zones. After some search, DailyBot was the solution that they saw could bring them closer together in a day-to-day tactical kind of way, in contrast with the sprint that they would have every other day as a team.

The effects of having DailyBot in their team soon followed, and Darrius Christian, their Head of Growth, noted how having a chat assistant around comes down to feeding the connectivity of the team. As they all go on about their day in silos and separated by different timezones even, really managing that day-to-day tactical has been crucial for their success, but it doesn’t stop there.

As Willis also noticed, they integrated new dynamics into the team as well, such as Kudos to recognize other team members for helping each other on projects or doing great work, and ice breakers, where the founders and other teammates bond over funny stories, helping them bridge the gaps of not only their different timezones and geographical regions, but also culturally.

DailyBot has been a great tool for them to get to know one another better, and that only creates a feedback loop that feeds the quality of the work they do together.

Habits that nurture their teamwork every day

  • Movere AI runs daily check-ins to keep everyone in sync, with each department having independent check-ins.
  • They use Kudos for team recognition whenever the opportunities present themselves.
  • A wellness check is always in place, asking the team how they’re feeling emotionally. Here, everybody has a chance to voice how they feel personally, professionally, about a project, or if they need support.
  • They make it a habit to always read each other’s check-ins. For them, it’s like a status update that can paint a useful picture of each individual — not just their work, but how they’re doing as well.For instance, one of their team leaders is from Ukraine. There was a moment when he had to work from a bunker, so even though the team was constantly checking on him directly, DailyBot allowed him to also have the flexibility to update his team whenever he could.

Culture shift and beyond

For the team, it’s quite easy to appreciate how DailyBot came into being within the team because they were already using Google Chat, and having a new chatbot did not suppose any change in tools or processes. If Darrius’ analogy fits, integrating DailyBot into their Google Chat space is almost like having a 6th man in the team now, supporting the ones on the court and keeping things in line.

For Willis, the transformation goes beyond running some processes in a certain way, and closer to a paradigm shift in their culture. In Movere AI, they all run under three different company values: growth, transparency, and customer focus. So, for him, more than just automating reports and processes, DailyBot emphasizes the culture, enabling the team to consciously keep their values in everything they do, whether that’s sending an update, or giving a shoutout to someone so they further continue that growth mindset or customer focus for which they’re being recognized.

As such, we can expect that, as their team grows, they will continue nurturing the quality of their teamwork with all these habits — and new ones, too — and DailyBot serving as the space where the right mindset can flourish irrespective of their timezone or, as one of them said: the one place where the hand is raised from across time zones.

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