How DailyBot helps Visions stay on top of workload and boost collaboration

Digital creative agencies are known for creating unique digital experiences for their clients, but they face their own set of challenges just like any other business. One major hurdle is keeping up with a growing team, ensuring everyone stays on top of their workload and meeting project deadlines. Visions Design, a creative digital agency in Cheshire, UK, is one of them. But with the help of DailyBot, they found a solution to this challenge.

About the company

Visions is a digital creative agency that is passionate about all things design, development and marketing. They specialize in creating meaningful digital experiences, and work in various industries such as care, construction, and finance. The team is 17 members strong and includes designers, developers, marketers, and project managers, who had been predominantly working from the office but are now transitioning towards a more hybrid approach.

Like many teams, they faced the challenge of holding morning meetings to catch up on work and identify any blockers team members were facing. As the team expanded, they noticed that meetings had become unproductive and lengthy. Founder and Managing Director, Daniel Cordwell, knew they needed a scalable solution to this problem, something that could identify blockers and promote collaboration to solve them.

Visions embraced DailyBot over a year ago to help them with a more streamlined and improved process. DailyBot helped them spot blockers and address them productively in a scalable, structured format. For Visions, the chatbot serves as an agile teammate who can move as fast as the agency’s processes change. They found that DailyBot is versatile and can be used for various things. The team LOVE technology, but to be in line with their ethos of “less but better,” they are utilizing DailyBot for some processes that they otherwise would have needed other apps for, resulting in fewer subscriptions to worry about.

They were able to integrate DailyBot into their business processes and workflow, setting up automations and workflows to trigger actions like 'Fact of the Day' and coffee breaks to keep teams connected. DailyBot integrates with the agency’s Slack, their preferred communication method, and they even use Forms for their ‘Employee of the Month’ nominations.

The aftermath

Since implementing DailyBot, Visions has seen significant improvements in its processes and successes. Morning meetings have become more efficient, and the team can identify and solve blockers more productively. The team feels more connected, and the organization can easily identify areas where they can automate and streamline their processes further.

The team plans to continue scaling its business and sees DailyBot as an integral part of their future plans, integrating it even more into their processes with more automation.


The success story of Visions showcases the power of DailyBot in facilitating many processes and improving collaboration. DailyBot's scalability, agility, and ability to integrate with various communication channels naturally make it an excellent choice for organizations. It has helped Visions identify and solve blockers more efficiently, resulting in improved productivity and collaboration. As a digital agency, Visions recognizes the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technology and processes to stay ahead of the game.

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