Learn how MetaDOS uses DailyBot to monitor team performance

MetaDOS is the name of the project and the game driving a next generation of e-sports around the world.

Based on the popular game “Apex Legends,” and the movie Intime (2011), MetaDOS builds the game's story around a meteor impact in Canada in 2030 that causes climate change on Earth. This is the time when the most powerful energy corporation in the world, DOS, has investigated and developed “Nibirium,” based on a so-called AMB technology to help prolong human life, and they’re the force behind a Battle Royale tournament that controls access to said technology.

The game is particularly novel because it’s developed under a “Metaverse,” an immersive virtual world where players can interact with each other in real-time. Grounded in emerging technologies, the team behind MetaDOS strives to build a high-quality game for the new generation, and today, it's a first-of-its-kind experience where players can interact with NFT objects — time itself being the ultimate commodity, since you also play against time —, making it a pioneering venture in combining cryptonative experiences and e-sports in a metaverse.

This innovative team started using Slack to manage standups and other check-ins internally, but they had some issues with the workflow they were using. In order to fix this problem, they looked at different solutions available on the market and found DailyBot.

A better tooling stack for higher communications

Anh, one of the product advisors for the MetaDOS team, noticed that DailyBot’s bot for Slack could help them communicate with team members asynchronously and get timely updates without leaving the chat. Given that they had automated other flows using Slackbot already, a more complete tool that could be adapted to the specific use cases of innovative game developers came in handy.

With DailyBot, he started automating reports to communicate the status of projects efficiently. It also made it easy to sync tasks from Jira into Slack so everyone on the team could see what was going on every day.

An easy way of tracking performance was attainable now

Anh feels that the main benefit of using DailyBot to manage a team is that it keeps everyone accountable – and he’s right. With the web app, reports can easily be reviewed over time to gauge their teams' performance.

Managers can automate reporting and look at performance through analytics, which helps them to distill insights based on the filters they choose. In addition, managers can use tools to remind the team about tasks and ask for updates from each employee regularly so as not to miss anything important or urgent.

Bottom line? DailyBot is helping this game studio manage their team by:

  • Making sure everyone gets their tasks done on time. DailyBot makes it easy for managers to assign daily tasks to team members and keep track of their progress over time. Team members are more likely to follow through with their tasks because they know that there will be public accountability for them. They also get reminders about pending tasks so that there is no excuse for not finishing them on time. Managers can easily automate reporting and look at performance over time to figure out who needs help prioritizing projects or getting more training if necessary.
  • Giving managers insights before making decisions by using the Analytics tools, which collect data from the different reporting sources and aggregate it in one place, this way, they can analyze patterns rather than looking at individual cases here and there.

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