Slack collaboration gets better with DailyBot

DailyBot automates daily stand-ups, check-ins and status reports. It tracks your team's mood and creates a team culture of continuous recognition.

Make your Slack work experience even better.

DailyBot is the leading chat assistant for thousands of teams worldwide.

Run efficient daily stand-ups and periodic check-ins

Optimize your team’s time, get daily updates from them regardless of location.
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Track team mood and improve culture

Across continents or oceans, let DailyBot manage agendas for you.
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Give kudos and positive feedback

Discover team motivation and how transparency changes your team behavior.
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Superpowers for Slack

DailyBot is the most adaptable, integrable and secure chatbot for team check-ins automation.

Integrate it with your tools and with more than 2,000 apps.

A chat assistant, built for remote work

DailyBot becomes a member of your team.

It adapts to your workflow to run effective team check-ins and does its magic by bringing you automated reports.

An asynchronous bot that eliminates unnecessary meetings. With built-in multi-timezone support, it manages all types of teams spread across the globe.

Remote teams using DailyBot get a productivity boost and experience better mood.

And great news! DailyBot is also compatible with Slack Enterprise Grid, Slack Connect, and guest accounts.

Agile Development

Adopt the routines of leading orgs

DailyBot includes built-in templates for running daily stand-ups, retrospectives, pre-plan meetings, sprint health-checks and even periodic roadmap feedback with your team.

The future of Management

Check-ins, continuous recognition, positive feedback and mood tracking on cruise control

The automated check-ins and follow-ups will open a new world for you. From 1-1s to Monday icebreakers, reading or learning clubs, journaling and more.

Mood tracking is fully anonymous to keep your team comfortable and the Kudos features don't require any setup.

Built for automation and solid for every team

Ready to give it a try? Start for free.

Easily adaptable

DailyBot adapts to your team use case, with a powerful question templates engine you can create your own flows.

Timezones and languages

Across oceans, DailyBot adapts to your team schedule. Polyglot: it speaks English and Spanish, more to come.

An assistant like no other

With customized commands, you can make DailyBot yours. Create shortcuts and integrate it with your systems.

About DailyBot for Slack

How does Slack work?

Slack is a channel-based messaging platform. With Slack, people can work together more effectively, connect all their software tools and services, and find the information they need to do their best work — all within a secure, enterprise-grade environment.

What can I do with DailyBot in Slack?

DailyBot takes full responsibility for running the daily stand-ups and check-ins across the different teams you have in your organization. You just have to set it up once and then DailyBot will be contacting each member of your team independently, asking for updates about work.

Is this good for Agile or Scrum workflows?

You can configure the questions you want to ask across your organization. DailyBot comes with a built-in questions model that works really nice for Scrum or Agile teams. It automates questions like: what did you achieve yesterday? what are you planning to work on today? is there any blocker on the way?

✅ Daily stand-ups or daily huddle
✅ Retrospectives
✅ Pre-planning prep check-ins
✅ Sprint health-checks
✅ Internal periodic product feedback

Can I configure this chatbot without coding skills?

Absolutely! DailyBot does not require you to know anything about the complex technologies around bots or chat engines. You just have to follow some simple steps, few clicks around and you’re ready to start getting automated reports from your team.

You can also integrate DailyBot with other tools and build more than 2,000 automations with Zapier.

Frequently Asked Questions

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