🔥 DailyBot 2.0

Make your chat 10X better

DailyBot adds super powers to your chat application. Use it for check-ins, stand-ups, team recognition, and to collaborate better with a set of built-in tools.

A quite unique chatbot

These days, we spend a lot of time in chat at work.

If chat is what we use, it makes sense to transform this space into something more organized and meaningful.

So, here comes DailyBot, to give you a set of tools to make your entire chat application a better space for work.

This chatbot is like no other... @DailyBot is your best companion.

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Follow best practices for async work

Daily Stand-ups

Align everyone and identify blockers easily

Run asynchronous standup meetings, keep history and notes and get reports and analytics.

Stand-up meetings got popular in the software world but have shown to improve team collaboration for all kind of disciplines.

Participants respond to in-chat questions like:

• What did you get done yesterday?
• What are you planning to work on today?
• Do you have any blockers?

Team check-ins

Stay in sync with your team

Reduce the amount of meetings by automating team check-ins in a more natural and conversational way, rather than using cold forms.

With DailyBot, you can run any daily, weekly or monthly check-in that allows your full team to be truly in sync.

Motivate your team

@dailybot kudos to @mary

Use DailyBot Kudos to promote team recognition and positive feedback.

Give Kudos easily from the chat or web app and use company values to help your team align with the big picture.

Use the Kudos leaderboard and stats to analyze collaboration and team impact.

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Serendipitous collaboration

Watercooler and 1:1 intros

Get thoughtful watercooler prompts in your chat channels and promote serendipitous conversations.

Use the 1:1 virtual coffee feature to connect co-workers for random coffees each week.

Forms in the chat era

Chat-driven forms thought for your chat workflows

Gather information from your team via chat, or publish a web form to get insights from external collaborators. Get responses directly in your chat channels.

Connect form responses with your back office or external apps. Launch the forms easily with your own chat commands. Simple but yet powerful.

🔥 DailyBot Forms are new in 2.0.

Work different

Have it all with one chatbot.

Run a pomodoro timer for a focused work session.

Have a virtual commute at the end of the day to disconnect from work.

Or build your own commands for your ChatOps.

Customize. Integrate.

Express your creativity

With strong security and privacy

It's DailyBot the one that adapts to you.

Connect more than 3,000 apps with Zapier to process your responses in other tools.

Customize DailyBot's commands to run ChatOps from any chat channel.

Join thousands of teams that use DailyBot for improving team collaboration

Take DailyBot further

Data export

Export check-in and form responses in XLS, CSV or PDF.


Customize DailyBot and use it to run chat commands to automate workflows.

Mood tracking

DailyBot checks how the team is feeling and gives you insights using a simple system.
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