Meet DailyBot, the secure StandupAlice alternative for remote teams

StandupAlice might be cheaper, but here we will explain you why cheaper doesn't mean better:

Besides being the all-in-one tool offering daily standups, virtual coffees, kudos and forms, DailyBot also comes with security features that are unmatched. DailyBot follows security and risk frameworks to properly handle sensitive information, we are being constantly audited on the five total trust service principles (TSPs): security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

A robust stack of tools at your fingerprints

Come for the extensive features, stay for the performance.

DailyBot users experience much better response times than those of Geekbot. Our battle-tested infrastructure performs like no other: always get the instant answers you need.

Start on the right foot and never miss a meeting because of performance issues.

So Why DailyBot?

Standup Alice
Daily stand-ups in Slack
Daily stand-ups in Google Chat
Daily stand-ups in Microsoft Teams
Enterprise-grade security
Daily stand-ups in Discord
Responses on the web
Fill previous responses
Export follow-ups to PDF, CSV, XLS
Manage multiple teams/sub-teams
Email digests
Custom work time
Vacation mode
Zapier integration
Give Kudos
Create custom commands
Adaptable privacy levels
Advanced API
2FA Security
Session timeout configuration
Columns-based report visualization
Promote company values with kudos
Professionally audited
mental health templates
Responsive design

Thousands of startups and enterprises use DailyBot to improve team collaboration

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Great remote teams from all over the world are picking DailyBot over Geekbot for its easy & flexible use, rich functionality, and friendly billing.

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Also the alternative for Standuply