DailyBot, a unique
alternative to Standuply

Process automation doesn't have to be hard. Get the right tools and integrations with DailyBot and get the job done fast and easy.

Clocked performance and reliability

Whether you're using Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Chat, DailyBot is made to excel in performance, reliability, security and privacy.

Forget about managing infrastructure and toolsets just to get your teams going and focus on what matters most: taking your team to the next level.

Pricing that is designed to scale

Our carefully tiered plans allow you to manage remote teams from a single, powerful dashboard, running daily stand-ups, tracking team motivation and inspiring change for free.

Pay as you grow and forget about micro-managing your expenses, focus on what matters to your business instead.

Join the teams taking advantage of over 2,000+ Zapier integrations with DailyBot

Sync to Evernote, Mindmeister, Google Drive, Forms, Todoist, Airtable, Asana and many many more apps.

A space for each team and subteam to be themselves

Standuply offers a single team setup. Whether it's one person or a thousand, DailyBot has made it easy to create and edit remote teams and sub-teams, manage member roles, and set boundaries within a single platform.

Use this feature for separation of concerns and improve your team's engagement as you do.

Go at your pace with our flexible preferences

Standuply offers daily stand-ups in English, DailyBot takes it a step further with Spanish and Portuguese support as well (more coming soon), private responses, custom work days, and granular stand-up exports to PDF, CSV and XLS to free teams of any constraints.

DailyBot also runs natively on Slack Enterprise Grid and Slack Connect.

We embrace modularity so you can take full control

Standuply assumes your workflow, DailyBot empowers the self-starters that make things happen.

Modularity is at the heart of what we do. Use our easy, yet extensive set of features to manage your follow-ups and create team sessions around it.

Enhance your workflow with our native integrations for JIRA, Trello, and BitBucket.

More than benefits, these make the unique voice of DailyBot

Standuply was built for simple project management. DailyBot is helping you build organizational culture from the ground up.

Kudos: Use your company values as a north

Grow better conversations and leaderships, promote great initiatives and reward proactive behaviors. Use public and private leaderboards to analyze team dynamics too.

Mood: Keep your team's morale in check

Read the energy of the room with our mood tracking features, and complement this info with our professional health check templates right from the chatbox.

Commands: A shortcut to self-expression

Automate your team's most used workflows with custom commands for Microsoft Teams, Google Chat and Slack; or explore new creative possibilities for yourself, sky's the limit.

DailyBot vs Standuply

Free-tier plan
Daily stand-ups in Slack
Daily stand-ups in Google Chat
Daily stand-ups in Microsoft Teams
Responses on the web
Fill previous responses
Export follow-ups to PDF, CSV, XLS
Manage multiple teams/sub-teams
Email digests
Use follow-up templates
Custom work time
Vacation mode
Zapier integration
Give Kudos
Create custom commands
Adaptable privacy levels
Advanced API
2FA Security
Session timeout configuration
Columns-based report visualization
Promote company values with kudos
Professionally audited
mental health templates
Responsive design

Thousands of startups and enterprises use DailyBot to improve team collaboration

Set up your
next assistant
in a minute or less.

Agile teams from all over the world are picking DailyBot over Standuply for its quick & flexible use, rich functionality, and friendly billing.

Also the alternative for Geekbot