Run strong & efficient remote teams

DailyBot reduces the need for meetings by automating daily standups, team check-ins and periodic surveys. It tracks team motivation and promotes positive feedback.

Thousands of startups and enterprises use DailyBot to improve team collaboration

Team check-ins and daily updates

Track automatically what your team is up to. Run agile daily stand-ups, retrospectives, or periodic check-ins like 1 on 1s.

Identify bottlenecks and help those who are blocked, regardless of their location or time zone.

"Hey team, that video meeting could have been a DailyBot Check-in"
Automated Team Check-ins->

Improve your team's mood and monitor mental health

Run retrospectives to reflect and identify potential improvements. Use mental health check-ins and mood surveys to understand your team mood. The chatbot helps you create a culture of continuous improvement.

"Folks, how are you all feeling?"
Mood Tracking ->

Celebrate wins, and create a great company culture

Recognize the great team work. Give kudos and celebrate actions that contribute to a better team culture.

Create rewards and have fun activities with your team based on a simple leaderboard.
Discover Kudos ->

A chat assistant built for remote teams

Connected with the tools you use.
DailyBot is omnipresent, it works with different chat platforms and it integrates with tools to help you improve your workflows. It connects with Zapier, JIRA, Trello and more.
Integrations ->

Boost productivity and improve collaboration

DailyBot adapts to each team and function in a unique way.

Design and Engineering

Automate and centralize the data of your daily stand-ups and retrospectives. Run periodic sprint health-checks and gather internal product feedback frequently.


Get a quick overview of what's happening from just one place. Identify blockers. Run 1 on 1 meetings, see mood results and take action to bring your team to the next level.

Human Resources

Track your team mood in a simple way and enable kudos to create a culture of positive feedback. Run surveys to gather feedback and use built-in templates for mental health and wellness check-ins.

“DailyBot helps me organize my days and see what everyone else is up to :)."

Guntur, iOS Developer at Tokopedia

“With DailyBot we can all easily sync independent of our timezone."

Alfonso, Product Manager at Rakuten

Our team benefits a lot from async stand-up meetings saving us valuable time that we can dedicate to our project.

Federico, Business Developer at Tributi

Schedule less meetings and enjoy automation

DailyBot makes your team more agile and improves collaboration.

A brilliant and easy-going chatbot

DailyBot is 24/7 online in your Chat, it has Skills and commands to give you a great experience. The guy is easy-going and connects well with every team member.

A smooth web app for desktop and mobile

Our web app allows you to navigate reports in a simple way. Export reports, manage users and privacy, see mood metrics and leaderboards. It's all in one place.

Customization and easy automation

Customize your own check-ins and questions. Receive reports automatically, save time so you can focus on meaningful work.

Empathy and collaboration

Your team is everything. Improve collaboration, celebrate wins and promote a culture of transparency and continuous improvement.

Security and Privacy

Your data is yours. We care about your security and privacy. The bot cannot read your chat conversations and you can manage user roles and privacy settings.

Integrations and API

DailyBot integrates with Zapier, JIRA, Trello, and more. It enables you to create useful and creative workflows to save time and surprise your team.

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- Kudos and mood tracking

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