Visibility and alignment
for modern teams 🙌

Automate daily standups, retros, and more workflows with DailyBot.
Keep everyone on the same page asynchronously with AI reports and team analytics.

Thousands of teams run with DailyBot every day


That meeting could've been a written update

Your daily standup meetings are a drag. You spend half an hour where people aren't really listening, and you're just waiting for your turn to speak.
Change that with DailyBot in just a few clicks.

Get started with available templates for the most popular meetings, and customize the details in your dashboard. If you need assistance, our support team is ready to help.
Integrate DailyBot to your chat
Allow DailyBot to be added to your team. If you’re not authorized in your workspace, you can send an email to your administrator to allow enable DailyBot.
Invite your team
Once DailyBot is integrated, add your team members and have them activate by talking to DailyBot in chat.
Create your first check-in
We have a list of templates available to choose from. The most popular one is the Daily Standup. This will help you start working asynchronously!
Let DailyBot do its magic! ✨
Start receiving daily reports from your team members, and keep track of their progress without having to schedule meetings.
Explore other powerful features
Discover DailyBot features beyond check-ins. Send kudos, automate workflows, and build forms within your chat workspace. Learn more about our product.


Your teamwork on autopilot

With DailyBot's advanced automation capabilities, we can now devote our time and energy to more important matters while it handles all of our recurring tasks and reminders with ease.
Smart Reports
AI-powered summaries of your team's activities.
Team Analytics
Keep track of your team's activities across different tools and integrations.
Flag Blockers
Flags issues in real-time so your team can get them promptly resolved.
Recurring Updates
Customize the frequency of all your reports so you don't miss any important information.
Built for Global Teams
DailyBot can be used in your local time zone and language.
Mood and Wellbeing
Prioritize your team's well-being and know when to motivate the team.

“Happy customer here. ✌ Our devs, customer, and account teams are happily using it. We are super happy about it, we strongly recommend it for your organization"

Josue, Cofounder GuruHotel (YC-20)

“Dailybot not only helped us optimize our dailies, but thanks to its simple command creation functionality in Slack we can allow other non-tech teams to have the power to consult information in a very simple way."

Yeferson, Software Engineer in (YC-19)

Reduce the amount of unnecessary meetings. With DailyBot we can all easily sync independent of our timezone

Alfonso, Product Manager

DailyBot for Enterprise

DailyBot for Enterprise helps teams securely improve their workspace collaboration with SOC 2 level security.
Enterprise SLAs and DPAs
Custom privacy and reporting controls
Direct customer support from the founder

Onboard DailyBot in a couple of clicks

Your reliable assistant is all set to help you cut down on meetings and enhance your team's asynchronous work practices.
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