Automate your daily check-ins, stand-ups and more

Run agile workflows, automate team updates, retrospectives or any kind of periodic check-in like 1:1 meetings or team feedback.

DailyBot's chatbot connects with every team member to get updates, then shares reports automatically in chat or email.

Make your team agile,
and reduce meetings

Get periodic updates from every team member to see what everyone is up to or if there are any blockers. No need of calls or inefficient meetings.

A toolkit that adapts to you

Customize questions, manage teams or groups, configure timezones, user roles and privacy levels. Run one or multiple check-ins at once.


Use it conversationally from your chat platform on Desktop or Mobile.
Find the same features on our web app, compatible with all screen sizes.

Powered by more tools

A game changer chat assistant for your team. Use tools like Kudos, Mood tracking and yet more to come.
Check-ins are just one of the pieces.

Efficient stand-ups and team check-ins

Supporting any world timezone

Identify bottlenecks and help teammates who are blocked. DailyBot connects with each member to run in-chat check-ins and then shares reports with your team.

Additionally, your team can fill out reports or see report summaries on the web app.
Try daily stand-ups and team check-ins ->

Get more done, with less meetings

Contribute to build a not-too-many meetings culture

Many of the regular updates you run with your team don't deserve a meeting.

DailyBot is here to help you automate those with in-chat updates that are moderated by a friendly chatbot.

Try it, it'll change your life for the better.
Skip your next meeting using Check-ins ->

Keep it asynchronous and productive

Adapt it to your own workflow

The Check-ins are customizable, whether you want to run daily updates, weekly follow-ups or monthly surveys.

You can run one or several check-ins at once. Regardless of location or timezone, team members provide updates when they're ready and have the focus for it.

Reports can be posted to chat channels, and participants can also subscribe for daily or weekly activity digests.
Add async check-ins to your chat ->

Control the flow of your reports with conditional logic

Skip questions, jump between check-ins, and trigger additional forms based on specific responses from your check-in participants.

Use conditional logic to create advanced flows for your daily reports and keep all data valuable to their context.
Learn more about Conditional Logic ->

Be analytical and get useful reports

In-chat, web based or email reports

Analyze reports, measure team engagement and identify critical points of action by checking out the reports.

The questions can have pre-defined choices, numeric validations and you can even collect anonymous feedback.

Export data and integrate it with other tools to enrich the information.
Try a chat-first reporting experience ->

Startups and Fortune 500 companies use DailyBot for Agile Development

The toolkit for the decade

Without this toolkit

A lot of unnecessary meetings that distract the team
Unwritten or unsearchable history of team updates like stand-ups
Multi-timezone updates are harder to coordinate
No way to analyze mood, and no (or disperse) tools to motivate and celebrate wins

With DailyBot automation

Automated updates to save time, keep only the necessary meetings
View and search meeting reports easily. Export to PDF and more
Built-in multi timezone support to make it easier for everyone
Automatic mood tracking, Kudos, and integrations for even more automation. A game changer

Kudos: celebrate wins and improve team culture

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