ChatOps: run operations and workflows with your own chat commands

Get direct access to the information and resources you need by setting up your own chat shortcuts. It's hassle-free and open for everyone.

No-code chatbot customization

Easy-to-use Shortcuts

Whether you're a developer saving a line of code you use a lot, a designer looking to keep that frequently used palette handy, or a regional manager keeping track of the most recent KPIs, commands is the right tool to create quick shortcuts.

Use the API

Connect your own APIs to a command to automate the gathering of information right from the chat. Want to see your daily sales? Want to pull up the last Bitcoin price? You can do this easily with just a single command.

For the Inventive Mind

With the ability to customize your own commands, there is infinite scope to automate any process. Let your imagination run freely and forge your own path. Ready for Microsoft Teams, Google Chat and Slack.

See how it works

Watch a quick demo

Fast-to-create ChatOps

Decide once, run indefinitely

You can create commands in less than a minute.

Simply add in the basic details and permissions and your command will be available within DailyBot's chatbot immediately.

With our fast process you can automate whole workflows quickly and efficiently.

ChatOps for Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and Slack.

Open to collaboration

Define who can use it

Collaborate with your team and find ways to help each other out with commands. You can share the commands you create across your company or team.

Think you have made a cool command? Share it with your teammates and see how they can make it even better.


Set them up for private chats only

We believe that privacy is vital in everything we do. If you're keeping critical information handy, you can autonomously define who can use your organization's commands and control whether they can be used in private or public channels.

Bound to create

A new world inside the chat

Commands don’t have to be all about work. Use them to generate fun activities for your team to enjoy, instantly pull out jokes or GIFs to add some light-hearted fun to your workday. You have endless possibilities to express your creativity.

Thousands of startups and Fortune 500 companies use DailyBot on a daily basis. Are you ready to join them?

More power to
the people

Without DailyBot

Can't easily create custom commands
Can't quickly add your own APIs to a 3rd-party chatbot
Can't separate between private and public bot commands

With DailyBot

Set up your own commands in less than a minute
Use the synchronous API option to retrieve information on demand
Create private and public commands and shortcuts in a single click

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